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Looking for a job

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Hello everybody.

I'm an Industrial Engineer and I arrived 4 months ago to Romania and since then I've been looking for a job in logistics/Automotive/engineering/costumer service and many other fields where I'm sure I can apply my experience and knowledge, but so far has been worthless.

It's being very hard to find a job here in Bucharest even if I'm an skilled professional with a legal status.

If there is anybody who can help to address me in the right way to get a job I will greatly appreciate it.

Best regards.


  • Alex Boitos

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    Even if you find a job, you will be paid verry verry verry bad. This is the romanian system and it is a bad one but is your decision.
    Good luck, you will need.

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    hello Croina,

    thank you for remember about my problem )) and also thank you so much for offering for a job , but i am not turkish and i dont know turkish language buti can speak little bit but not so good, and if you know anything about invitation letters then let me know )) and once again thank you ,

  • Corina C.


    posted by  Corina C. in Romania forum 

    hi kya...i dont know if u solved ur problem with invitation letter and so on. i can help u with a job in a multinational company if u are a turkish language speaker. in this way u could realize even half of your desire. when u are ready pls send me ur resume at the adress [...].

    Good luck farther!

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    First I would Like to say thanks for your replied and yes I haves asked Romanian embassy in my country and they told me my all documents are good just I need invitation letter from Romania because without invitation they will not issue visa so all I need invitation letters from Romania ((((

  • :)

    posted by Deleted user in Romania forum 

    Hy ! i wanna ask you .. Did you speak at the embassy in you re country? Because they can give you the best informations according that letter and visa .

    Have a nice day !

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    The university of veterinare medicine has 6 years , and the entry contains in a interview.
    In july you need to list at the university and you need all sort of papers and also you will do the interview ... In august you will know the result .
    The University has 2 programes: budget , you dont need to pay.. and taxe , with money .
    Talking of jobs ... it`s hard to find a job , but it`s possible to work and study if you have a part time job ( but salaries are small ) . If you need more informations i will try to help you .

    Bye !

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    thank you for your mail Carlos Funes :)

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    really thank you Izabella , you are very nice and kind lady , God bless you

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    i cant promise nothing because i am not living in Roumania now, but if i will catch somthing i will writte here again ...until this i wish good luck to you

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    there is no other option if i don't trust them because i have to take that risk , and one girl from here * justlanded* she is fruad and stupid girl i ever seen . this is her offer

    Do you want letter and visa to visit romania and work
    Hi my name elene i live in becuresti and i am 24yrs i can give you letter of ivitation and help you with visa i also work with a traveling agent in bucuresti if you are are interesting to visit here is my mail [...]

    all i want to say to all people don't trust this lady she is stupid but more crazy , i want to go Romania cause of some personal reasons but don't know when i will get invitation , sometimes i think i will cross border illegal way if i didnt get invitation because i have waited really so long but anyways

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