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Potential Immigration to Romania

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Hi there

I am prospecting the opportunity of moving to Romania in the future.

I am currently a South African citizen, and am 24 years old.
I possess no professional qualifications except for a TEFL(Teaching English as a Foreign Language). I do know this is an issue, and I do plan on securing my degree, but I was hoping to do it somewhere else.
Currently, I have two sources of employment. I work as an Online English Teacher for a British company, and I am also a writer for a Canadian company.
None of these companies are in South Africa, as my jobs are purely online based.
Since that is the case, I would not require employment for a lengthy period of time while in Romania, exceeding 5 years. By then, I would have a degree as well.

I am curious if it would be possible for immigration to still be an option for me in any way.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Kind Regards

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