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    Letter of Acceptance- I need your urgent advice

    posted by  Hani Hamed in Romania forum 

    I have sent all my son ( Hussain Hassan) the authenticated required
    documents including two Authenticated and certified copies of his A level certificate to my agent by 12 of September, and my agent sent them to the education ministry before the 15th of September , but still I can see my son's name on " Candidates with Incomplete Application", “ Hussain Hassan-on top of the list”, can you please tell me and help me why is this? Please I need your help for this important issue . till today the 15th of September I can’t see his name on the completed list, also when do you think he will receive the Acceptance letter? I need your urgent help as we are all very frustrated and we are hoping that my son dos not loos his place this year. Your help is highly appreciated.
    Please if you can help, send me an email to : [...]

    Hope to hear from you very soon.
    Thank you for your kind help.

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