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running in romania?

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I am planning a trip through my university in canada to go to Romania for two months this summer. I am an avid runner, but running in Canada for women ( at least where I live) is very safe. I'm wondering if anyone knows if it would be a strange/unsafe thing for women to go running on their own in romania? I'm just totally ignorant about the country at this point, and thought it would be safer to ask ahead of time than do something stupid.

Thanks a lot!

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    romanians are frindly

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    astray dogs is no longer such a big problem, if you are a friendly person... there are not many left astray on streets, as it used to be few years ago... i think everyone can manage...
    though, running outside cities is a risk - pls consider there are no special cycling/left aside space on the street for such activities, so you need to run actually besides drivers and cars, not safe.
    I know a runner from here, Andrei Rosu, nice guy, you can talk with him: for more info, have a nice trip! land and countryside is astonishing!

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    Hi Tierney,

    It is my country but I will tell you the true:
    I live in Malta and I know even Italy very well, Canada must be better but Romania it is not the ideal country to run alone, even for a man.

    If you plan to run in city’s there is no problem about people or ... dogs :) , but if you plan to run outside of city’s can be that you will have trouble with dogs of no one.
    You will never have trouble with the people. Can be that if you will run nearly the road between two city’s; be carful with the drivers because it is not so usual that people do this there.

    You’ve chose a nice country to run and thank you for that, but be careful to dogs, outside of the city day and night ( you can fix that problem with an electronic item that is making bad noise for animals ) , to drivers during the night.

    If you need more details just live another comment and I will reply you.

    Have fun,


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