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How difficult is learning Russian?

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How long does it take to get a basic knowledge of the Russian language? Is it very hard to learn (especially the writing)?


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    Hi Daria
    Actually, if you speak other European languages, it will not be too difficult for you to learn Russian. There are many words in Russian which are exactly the same as in English or German. Like "manager" or "computer" and many others. Also, you can reach really good conversational levels without 5-10 years of studying. You only need so many years if you need your Russian to be very fluent. It is the same for other languages. I have friends who learned Russian in the UK and they speak really well, then they went to Moscow and after that their accent almost turned into native Russian.

    Also, there are easy Audio training lessons which you can download. or get a CD which covers many conversational situations. You can learn those very quickly by listening and following the guides.
    Here's the link

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    Wow, I already expected it to be quite hard, but 5-10 years are very long!
    I got some friends in Russia and speaking English with them is really annoying after a while...but I think a few sentences in Russian will have to do for the next learning German for communicating in Austria eats up a lot of my time already!

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