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I want to learn the russian language

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hello anyone ready to help me learn how to speak the russian language?...

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    The best way to learn any language is to visit the country and chat with people who speak that language. If you've ever been interested in visiting Russia, I'd recommend to start with St. Petersburg because of the number of its landmarks and of course white nights. I've seen it once thanks to this tour:
    , I want to see it again.

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    If you want to learn Russian quickly, try to watch Russian films and read Russian books in original.

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    Learn Russian

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    When I started learning Russian, I initiated it through online learning. I was given first assignment of collecting hundred Russian names from different website and I browsed many website but the most helpful was Babynology.

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    Hello everyone, if you need a private english, spanish, russian- speaking guide in Moscow you can contact with me.
    I am living here for all my life and can show you most interesting places here.
    Anastasia, 33 years old.

  • Kristi Zdanevich

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    Hello! As for studying Russian you can visit our page We provide different types of courses for our students. You won't regeret)

  • Lora James

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    If you are looking to learn Russian Language Course. Visit our website for one year course.
    We have currently two colleges at our panel. The cost of complete course is given at our website. It is very affordable. Do not miss the chance. We have also mentioned how will be your life in Russian during your academic session. Stay tuned for more courses.

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