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Is it safe to travel alone to Russia?

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Hey~ my Russian friend :)
My name is James,
Nice to meet you here,
Travel in Russia is my big dream,
but so far I haven't chance to start my trip,
Cause Russia is tooooooo big,
except Moscow,St. Petersburg what else I should visit?
I mean the sightseeing if i miss it I will hate myself for a life :P
I amn't much interest for shopping, club, something like this
I would love to see the real life of Russian,
By the way I can't speak Russian at all.
So I would like to make some friend who can speaking English
before I make trip to visit your beautiful country,
and may be we could have a day trip together, n' cup of coffee or dinner whatever for "friendship" only :)

  • liam mason

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    Hello! My name is Liam and I am from Australia. Absolutely safe. I even tend to think that it is much safer than traveling to Europe at the moment. You know how I did? I flew to the St. Petersburg city in May. A couple of days just walked around the city with a map, and then I chose interesting places for myself and booked a private tour . Inexpensive and convenient. So you can consider this option.

  • Go to Patricia Hughes's profile

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    Don't forget of some existing precautions that should be considered. Before coming to another country, make sure you have absolutely clear background that is ok to check. Despite the fact that there are some cancellation of bans on entry, you should mind your own safety. Good luck!

  • Ian Bishop

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    Of course, it is very safe to travel Russia all alone. If you know their language and culture then you can't face any problem during travel to Russia. Few months ago, I travel there in Moscow lonely and spend a week without any problem.

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    Golden Ring is the best peace of European Russia. 10-14 days. 5-6 towns by bus with a travel company. The most well known is Inturist.
    PS See also my photos and article about Sergiev Posad - one of the Golden Ring cities.

  • Regina LimeTour Akhunyanova

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    Advise you to visit The republic of Bashkortostan is situated right between 2 parts of the largest continent of the world – Europe and Asia, where 2 great cultures – Slavic and Turkic join and two of the greatest religions – Christianity and Islam exist in harmony. And the capital is Ufa city which grew into large trading and cultural center of Russia in the 18th century and became the capital city of Bashkiria region of Russia in 1802. After the discovery of oil in Bashkiria area Ufa city became a large oil extracting and refining center. Dont hesitate to contact : [...]

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