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Letter of invitation

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hello friends
my name is Abdalla and this is my first post over here looking for some answers about letter of invitation to get a student visa to Russia
first of all is there any way to get a letter of invitation from a Russian learning school or university over the internet or it must be in person !?
for I am running on a low budget I'm looking to know some of the cheapest cities to live in !?
a general wonder about the cost of living and the cost of the learning courses,and student housing !?
with many thanks :-)

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    Hello everyone, if you need a private english, spanish, russian- speaking guide in Moscow you can contact with me.
    I am living here for all my life and can show you the most interesting places here.
    Anastasia, 33 years old.

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    Hello Abdalla,
    Letter of invitation for student visa is to be issued only by russian official branch - FMS and the process takes about 1,5 months. Most local consulates asks for it in original (paper) so you have to ask russian University/school to send it to you by post. If consulate in your country did not ask you for original paper tell us about it please to [...] so we can help other students to get their student visa quicker.
    Living in Russia is much cheap now a days (not Moscow or S.Peterburg). You can rent a room for 100-200 usd or apartment from 300 USD.
    If you need more personal advice you can ask us directly at We help to get russian invitation and visa and at all other questions.

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