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Russian business Partner Needed - Great Opportunity for e-business with China

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e-business with Russia and China
B2B-Center is said to be the leading online procurement platform in Russia in terms of market share and transaction volume, enabling its clients to efficiently buy and sell products and services on the Internet.

Daily trading volumes on B2B-Center are currently between $70 million and $300 million, with the average transaction size at approximately $700,000.

With the help of the fresh capital injection, the company will focus on expanding its electronic trading platform business internationally.


Earlier last year, Russian media reported that AliExpress, Alibaba’s online trading platform, has signed a cooperation agreement with QIWI, one of Russia’s largest electronic payment providers. The move indicates Alibaba’s intention to enter the Russian B2C and/or C2C market in the near future (here, in Chinese). Alibaba already operates a Russian version of it’s B2B web site.
Russia is gradually becoming an important e-Commerce market for foreign investors. In 2011, 4.3% of all retail deals in the country were conducted online. In 2012, e-Commerce is expected to grow at more than 18% and the online market is expected to reach over USD 15 billion. Industry experts predict Russia’s e-Commerce market will double by 2015.

What I am looking for
Russia has a huge potential of B-C, B-B domestic markets with a big volume with consumer goods such as decoration, watches, clothing etc. I am looking for a local Russian to be my business partner who have big local connections and s/he will locate numerous customer needs for these goods. I'm a big supplier in China. I have supplied many different product lines like luxurious watches with cheap price but good quality, decoration like women earrings, scarfs, bracelets... clothing like fashionable shirts for everyone with hundreds of styles...

I have partners and business in Europe and it's been great so far, I'm exploring Russian market currently and I believe it would a great business with a bright future!

Please contact me if you are interested and I can provide all the information you need.

you can reach me through [...]

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