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St. Peterburg

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Anyone form St. Petersburg? I am just about to move there and negotiating my contract with the company I work for. I looked for an apartment ant from what I see on the web the prices make me dizzy :-) and there is not much of a choise :-(. Is this because I look the websites in English or the real estate is so expensive? I am looking for and apatrment for 2+2 at leas three bedrooms.
How is with health insurance and car insurance? How expensive it can maybe? Safety? Gyms? Road system/traffic in St.P.? Onyone can help?

  • Tatiana Polisada

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    The best company who can helps you with accomodation and another services is this
    This website is in russian,but if you write a letter they answer you.
    Good luck!

    Best regards,

  • Robert MacDonald

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    Hi Jaroslaw,

    We have lived in SPb since 2000, eleven years. I have many articles in my blog, American Russia Observations,, that deal with such questions.

    Real estate is expensive here, but it pays to shop around. Private health insurance needs a lot of study. Be careful and read the contract and ask for some references.

    All kinds of swindles and corruption abound here. The best would be to continue your health insurance you have now.

    You must be very alert for pedestrian hazards and crazy cars, which sometimes drive on the sidewalks. Don't drink a lot if you will be in public as that is a magnet for goons and corrupt police. Best to have noeye contact with the police. There are plenty of gyms. Traffic even at off hours is very heavy.

    Still, downtown SPb is lovely and there is much to enjoy. The people are good for the most part, and can be surprisingly friendly. If you can, get a place that is in the center... it's much easier to get around. Internations has meetings every month.

    All the best,

    Rob MacDonald

  • Go to hacha moha's profile

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    see site or some annonces for rent flat or rooms but in russian language
    yes in st petersburg is very expensive

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