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What is the attitude of Russians towards foreigners?

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Hey all,

I'm planning to go to Russia for travels and I was wondering about one thing - what is the attitude of Russians towards foreigners, e.g. Europeans? Are they friendly? Or does it depend on what country you come from?

I don't speak Russian except few words so I guess it will be quite a challenge to go to Russia. How is it in general with English there? Does lot of people speak different languages? Or does it depend on the place, e.g city vs. rural areas?


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  • Evelina Makarova

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    Russian people mostly are proud to have an opportunity to exchange a few words with a foreigner :) So Russians are usually happy to help foreigners with directions or whatever.
    But as far as I noticed, sales people at the market tend to treat foreigners as a source of money :) So you should learn how to bargain skillfully. Otherwise the price may be considerably higher for you than for the Russian citizens.
    I also advice you to read this interesting blog about Russia where you will find a lot of advice for foreign travelers. It will surely help you to understand Russian mentality and attitude better :) Good luck! (non commercial)

  • Rohit Sharma

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    Learning alphabets and few words will help you not only to understand the signs,but also reading menu card in restaurant or cafe.Where in Russia you are going to travel?

  • posted by  in Russia forum 

    Hey Rohit, thanks for encouragement! I have some basics of slavic languages, so hopefully I will get by. And I will at least learn some russian alphabet to understand the signs :-)

  • Rohit Sharma

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    Russian people are friendly and so much fun loving.They are always ready to help foreigners.Language is the problem there.Only few people understand English,but dont worry it will be amazing travelling there.

  • Olga Lisovskaya

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    Dont worry most people here very friendly and its not depending for cantry!!!! and general here not a lot people can speak English. May be only in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Welllcommmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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