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Parents don't approve of studying abroad. Advice?

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My sister called me last night and said that our parents don’t agree with her studying abroad. She wants to come and study Foreign Literature here in St. Petersburg. I feel bad for her because she really cried over the phone saying she really wants to study abroad for college.

We’re not necessarily rich but we’re also not dirt poor. My sister has her college fund set and I have a job her in St. Petersburg. I have a house and a wife that I met on a foreign dating event. Basically, I’m established here already and if she comes here, it won’t be a problem. The only reason why our parents don’t want her here is that it’s too far. They said one child on another continent is enough already.

How do I help my sister? Do I side with my parents and just convince my sister to study in the states? I need legit advice. Will really appreciate your help.

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