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Looking for a native English speaker in Voronezh

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Hi all, I am looking for a native English speaker in Voronezh to spend time with my family. The idea is to speak English in front of my 15 months old son so that he gets at least some language training. We could treat you to some homemade Russian food and hopefully an engaging conversation :) Please drop me a message should you be interested.

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    hi natalia good afternoon while i was checking how can i improve my russian in voronezh come across to your advert i am willing to help you and your family members with they english and hoping that you and your family may help me with my russian looking forward to hear from you have a nice day thank you. with regards selcuk

  • syed arslan

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    Hey natalia i hope you are fine I am moving to voronezh within 10 days and i am also looking for such a friend who can help me to improve my russian in return he can get English from me

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