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Luxury Boutique Mystery Visit!

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Dear All, I am working for mystery shopping company.

We are looking for someone who could carry out luxury boutique mystery visit in Ekaterinbourg.

Below you can find some more details about this project.

Visiting period
30th November - 20th December

Shop fee

You will visit the assigned luxury boutique to look for a Ready to Wear item (shirt/dress/skirt/pants). You must be willing to try on the garment(s) and be open to suggestions and recommendations from the sales advisor. You must be comfortable to show objection and you must evaluate the reaction by the sales advisor. You need to be analytical during the visit and be descriptive in your comments by quoting what the sales advisor say specifically. Some visits may require you to go with a friend or a partner/husband. Please mention what you prefer during the application.

You must be a woman and at least 25 years old. You must have a luxury profile and own a luxury item such as branded handbags, shoes, garments or accessories.
If you are interested, send an email to: [...].

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