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Aramco Job through Al Hugayet and other contractors

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I live in America and I was offered a job at Aramco in saudi arabia through al hugayet contractors. I am not sure on the advantages or disadvantages of being hired through the contractor rather than being an Aramco direct employee.

Has anyone been hired by Al Hugayet or any other contractor?
After one year, did you become an Aramco direct employee?
What were your experiences being hired by a contractor?

Thanks for all of your help!! I really appreciate it!!

  • Abdulrahman Shageer

    here is very hot

    posted by  Abdulrahman Shageer in Saudi Arabia forum 

    some peopole after two years become an Aramco direct employee but not all.
    I do not know about Al Hugayet but Aramco is a good company, I wish I work in Aramco.

  • marwan malki

    About aramco

    posted by  marwan malki in Saudi Arabia forum 

    Hey .....

    I am saudi and working in aramco and I advice not to be worry about being hired by contractor as non-saudi >>>you should be happy about this and to be honest ,it is not easy to be aramco emplyee advice to you is to ask about al hugayet (i know this company) but you should ask about even small details.

    it is all about working for aramco by any way even being hired by contractor.


    if you need any thing (consider me a brother)


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    Al Hugayet contractor

    posted by  Mike Doo in Saudi Arabia forum 

    Thank you Marwan;

    Marwan - I am in the USA at this time and I have no contact to find about this contracting company.

    I got the Visa to KSA and I must depart to go to Ras Tanura within 10 days, but I don;t want any surprises, working for Aramco but thru a contractor I must live outside the Aramco housing compound.

    Do you know anyone that works with AlHugayet, what detail I should know?

    If you can help I would greatly appreciate that.

    Thank You


  • marwan malki

    this is marwan

    posted by  marwan malki in Saudi Arabia forum 

    Yes mike I am living almost 40 Km far away from ras tanura..

    you will live in AlHugayet camp I dont know realy where it is....

    you should find out if this company commits giving salary (monthly) coz some companies are not.and if they give Bonus ..Finally,I will try to search about all details you need....this is my email to contact if you want


  • salam

    posted by Deleted user in Saudi Arabia forum 

    my name is nazakat i need your help brother i have best wish i m doing work with aramco but you know no any one countect with aramco&aramco contector i m in saudi arabia i m in damam my cell number is 0551479474 pleas help me

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    hello to all

    posted by  SHAHUL HAMEED A MANSOOR in Saudi Arabia forum 

    Guys, I am Shahu Hameed, Bacically I am a Mechanical Engineer, presently working as a Chief Marine Engineer. I have total 12 years experience at sea. I am seeking for a shore job in operation and maintenance department.This a first time I am looking for a job at shore. I have already posted my resume at Al hugayet site. If any of u guys can guide me please contact me through mail [...]. I f u guys can help be that would be very much appriciated. Thnax in advance

  • hey

    posted by Deleted user in Saudi Arabia forum 

    Dear Mike,
    Working for Aramco & working through a contractor are a world apart. Nowadays u cannot get into aramco. Only saudi's can. So if ur dreaming of that forget it. Al Hugayet is just an ok company. Nothing great. And ofcourse you will not be living in Aramco compound. So unless you have a really really good package forget about coming here. Besides life's shitty here.

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