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Family Residence Visa proccess - Saudi Arabia - As of August 2011.

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Holy process of Family Residence Visa in SAUDI ARABIA

Saudi Arabia is one such country was has the most stringent laws for accommodating expats to get their families to the country.

Most expats are unaware of the problems or hardships they are going to face after entering the country for the jobs.

Caution should be taken before the entry into the kingdom is made. The profession on the visa is a matter of concern; expat should try to get help from an Arabic literate person or consultancy to check the profession on their visa. Only visa with technical profession or supervisory grade will be able to bring their families. The profession of visa is different than the job designation that is offered.

After getting into the kingdom, the company will submit the passport to the passport office to get you an IQAMA, which is your residence permit, without which you cannot even open a bank account or apply for a driver’s license. Once you are in possession of your Iqama (generally takes months time if you are lucky and if your companies HR department is very strong and prompt) you have to start the process of applying for family visa.

Get hold of the following documents.

1. Your Iqama copy
2. Your educational certificates. (Duly attested by the HRD ministry at your home and Royal Saudi Consulate in your home country).
3. Your marriage certificate also attested at your home country.
4. Birth certificate of your children duly attested.
5. Letter from your sponsor with regard to your salary and designation attested by chamber of commerce from Saudi Arabia.

Once you have the above in possession, you should visit the nearest ISTIKDAM office.
You can take the assistance of any agent for filling you application as it is in Arabic or your companies HR department can be of help.

Fill the details in the application form and get it signed by your sponsor and attested by chamber of commerce office.

Pay SR 2000 for your entire family at Riyadh Bank and take the receipt

Attach the following document in order
- Application form
- Iqama copy
- Your letter from the sponsor
- Your passport copy
- Visa page from your passport
- Your educational degree Copy translated in Arabic
- Marriage certificate copy Translated in Arabic
- Child birth certificate Translated in Arabic
- Passport copies of your family
- Visa processing fee receipt copy paid at Riyadh Bank.

Approach the office early to get a token, and then wait your turn. When you meet the officer greet him in a polite manner and wait for his turn to ask you if he needs any information.

You should keep the following documents in originals for verification (if required)
- Your Iqama
- Degree certificates. If you have masters, also carry your bachelors.
- Marriage certificates.
- Birth certificate of children
The process ends immediately with the officer giving you a YELLOW SLIP printed with the details of your spouse and children. Carefully check for any spelling mistakes and the destination of the consulate in your country. Take color Xerox or scan the copy for your reference.

The process ends here if you are lucky. Then you have to send the slip along with your passport copy, Iqama copy, Marriage certificate and children’s birth certificate to any agent at your home country for stamping of the visa.

If there is any issue like the officer writing any comment on you application, you will have to approach the supervisor to get it counter signed, he may ask you a few questions and you should be very bold to answer them with confidence. If there are still some more comments by the supervisor, you should approach the manager and try to get your issue solved. Confidence is the key. If the process is still not working out try to change the application form and try your luck again after a certain period of time.

Patience is very important as the above process will take time after you land in the country and only with the support of your sponsor.

If the above information is of use to you, kindly pray for me and my family.

Jazakallahu Khair.

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    I lost my original documents recently. If I need to get duplicates for all these, it would surely take a long time, God knows how long.

    But I have all the copies of my attested documents which I had scanned previously. I need to know if I can apply for family visa with these copies, together with the Police Report and letter from my company stating this matter, and if so then how should I go about this process or do I need to provide the original docuents. Once I get my family here, would I require the originals in future?

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