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    I think it is better to go there with a sponsor...like a sibling or relative of yours who is already a resident there if your plan is to do job hunting.But if your purpose is just to visit only and pure leisure, it would be OK. Staying in Dubai is costly especially if you don't know anyone there.Accomodation is so expensive this is according to my sister who worked now in a certain hospital in UAE. If you got more time to stay for a whilein KSA and pirate a job in Dubai so they can sponsor you, this is a much better route. Then just exit from Saudi to Dubai, that's what my sister have done and her employer allowed her to do that, finishing her contract first to Saudi Arabia then went directly to UAE.Tourist visa now restricts travellers in UAE for only 3 months and do not allow over stayers. After 3 months people who are looking for jobs(But their entry is as tourist) have to exti to nearby countries like Kuwait, Bahrain etc. then re-enter UAE again to look for a job. This is a costly and risky job hunting.One have to bring a lot of money for expenses while awaiting for jobs they are looking for. Hope this info helps!

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