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    Yes you can kabayan. I have done this and it needs a lot of guts to do it. First what you need to do is magpabook ka ng ticket na may stop over sa dubai. Whether its a 1 one hour or more of stop over. Then when you are in DXB airport approach the airline staff counter that you want to cancel the flight going to PHL and enter the Dubai for a short visit. Then they will need the info of your ticket. After they cancel the flight you can now que for the immigration for entry in Dubai. However you should need the following documents ready:

    1. Visit Visa (sponsored by a friend or an agency or a Travel agency in dubai)
    2. Hotel reservation for a stay in dubai ( at least 1 day reservation in a 4 star hotel is ok)
    3. contact number of your friend and address (in case the immigration officer will ask for a reference).

    Please note when exiting in KSA please dont ever mention on the authorities that you will be staying in Dubai. Normally if you are in a Final exit visa they will need to see if you will going to point of origin which is PHL. Unless its a exit-reentry then it is not needed to have a ticket in your point of origin.

    Hope it will help you plan your next step.

    Good luck kabayan

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