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2 years rule is over: Good news for people leaving KSA on Exit re-entry

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You can get new KSA visa if you have come on exit re-entry visa and failed to get final exit, only after your Iqama is expired. And, there is no 2 years entry restriction/ NOC policy exist now...

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    posted by  sarah desmond in Saudi Arabia forum 

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  • Muhammad Asif

    Any reference for this GOOD NEWS

    posted by  Muhammad Asif in Saudi Arabia forum 

    Dear Mohsin,

    Please mention a source of this information. Otherwise it's hard to believe it.

  • Further Info's

    posted by Deleted user in Saudi Arabia forum 

    Dear MOhsin,

    Could you please elaborate more further details for this issue.Thanks

  • nasir mehmood

    free visa

    posted by  nasir mehmood in Saudi Arabia forum 

    this is free visa or what. if have this plz explian me how to apply this visa and also how many priz of this and what is ythe prosses to get this and contact with kafeel

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    how about with record for escape and they exit in the deportation?

    posted by  sian louise gabriel in Saudi Arabia forum 

    i want to bring my wife as my dependent but she have a record from her employer as escape 5yrs ago she will go back to Philippines last June 2011 buy using a travel documents issued by Saudi deportation. thank you and i hope you can answer my question Mr.Waheed

  • Mohsin Waheed

    Muhammad Asif and Tertuliano Cenal

    posted by  Mohsin Waheed in Saudi Arabia forum 

    Dear Brothers,

    Do u have any source of 2 years rule existence? These are all conspiracy theories. I myself is the example of this case and I was so worried when my case was in Islamabad Embassy last month. I left Saudi arabia in july 2010 on exit re-entry visa and my Iqama got expired in Nov 2010, also my company did not give me the NOC. Now I have applied my new work visa in March 2012 and at the moment I am working in Dammam.
    Look, once ur iqama is expired all ur data like finger prints and pictures need update from ur employer and if ur Iqama is not renewed, the system deletes all ur previous data. Therefore, u dont have to face any problem at airport.

  • Mohsin Waheed

    hilario de castro

    posted by  Mohsin Waheed in Saudi Arabia forum 

    Sorry bro, dont have info about ur question...

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    posted by  cylir kid in Saudi Arabia forum 

    dear moshin,

    why is it that when we enter at the airport in saudi arabia they will know that you are working before in saudi arabia as u said that when the iqama expires it will need and update and if it is no update it will delete all your information

  • Mohsin Waheed

    dear cylir

    posted by  Mohsin Waheed in Saudi Arabia forum 

    ofcourse they have record of people comin and leavin KSA
    deleting info means that the things which are attached to ur iqama like finger prints, exit re entry data, mobile numbers, credit cards, debit cards etc etc will be erased...

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    dear moshin

    posted by  cylir kid in Saudi Arabia forum 

    so that has a assurance that having an exit re entry and didnt comeback in ksa,will face no problem in entering ksa again as long as your iqama is expired?i have my re entry last year 2011 everything now is expired..

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    posted by  c00l j4ni in Saudi Arabia forum 

    Visa holder's name : MUHAMMAD IMRAN
    visa number : 88343153
    Exit before : 13 / 09 / 2012
    Visa duration : 0 Days from departure date
    Visa expiry date :
    Visa type : FINAL

    dear tell me can i go back to Saudi arabia wid new visa :p

    last night i came back pakistan with the final exit visa (kharooJ nihaya)

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    posted by  c00l j4ni in Saudi Arabia forum 

    abi tak kissi nay reply nahi kiya i think koi nahi janta :-?

    Visa holder's name : MUHAMMAD IMRAN
    visa number : 88343153
    Exit before : 13 / 09 / 2012
    Visa duration : 0 Days from departure date
    Visa expiry date :
    Visa type : FINAL

    must reply friendz :

  • Mohsin Waheed

    cool j4ni

    posted by  Mohsin Waheed in Saudi Arabia forum 

    u can come to saudi arabia next day if u have final exit, dont worry...

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    posted by  Mail Merchant in Saudi Arabia forum 

    Dear Friend

    I was working in Saudi. I cam back after 6 months on ENTRY/EXIT visa and did not go back.
    My concern is

    Will I be banned from going back to Saudi from the date I arrived to India on Entry Exit Visa


    I can go to Saudi After my Iqama gets Expired. My Iqama will expire on 5th September 2012

    Waiting for your reply
    Thanks in advance

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    Advice me

    posted by  zahid hussain in Saudi Arabia forum 

    i work in ksa for 6 months and i was not happy with the iquma as it was in labour category. I decided to leave ksa. i got leave sanction from company for a week and left the country but unfortunately my company gave me exit reentry stamp and now my iqama is getting expired on the month of September 2012 and completing 2 yrs of my exit. Now i want to understand whether i can able to travel KSA after September 2012 in new employment visa. Secondly If i am able to travel KSA then i may face any problem in airport with my past data or past related iqama activities. Kindly reply and advice me.

  • Mohsin Waheed

    Zahid Hussain

    posted by  Mohsin Waheed in Saudi Arabia forum 

    u can easily come back now, there will be no hurdle, dont worry...

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    Is it possible to go back in saudi arabia if i have exit, re-entry?

    posted by  Jurin Piad in Saudi Arabia forum 

    Hi guys I've been out of saudi arabia for 1year now i came back in the philippines last 2011 of september and did not come back for re-entry so i only have exit, re-entry visa and i also have a credit card that i used and did not payed for the outstanding balances that i owed! so my question is is there a chance that i could still work in KSA if i have this kind of problem? please give me some advice for this matter!!!

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    Can I just resign without finishing the contract?

    posted by  Muhammad Salman in Saudi Arabia forum 

    Hello everyone,

    I recently got a job one month back in Khobar. I am having problems with the work currently but few days back I got another job offer from ministry of health. I have a one year contract with my current employer. Is it possible to quit my current job now and go back to Pakistan on final exit and come back on ministry of health's visa without obtaining the NOC from my current employer? Or getting an NOC is a must?

  • Mohsin Waheed

    Muhammad Salman

    posted by  Mohsin Waheed in Saudi Arabia forum 

    u can get new visa the next day if u got final exit, there is no NOC required as per new labour law..

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    i came from saudi as a re entry visa but i did not pay my credit card bill

    posted by  Shamim Ahamad in Saudi Arabia forum 

    i was in saudi 2010 and i came to india with Exit ReEntry but due to some problem did not back to saudi.
    and i did nor pay my cradit card bill. now i get a offer from saudi.I am trying to pay my bill from india but i cant because i lose my bank details. i want to know if i will to saudi i will face any problem to airport.
    Please help me.


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