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How Much Salary Shall be sufficient in jeddah

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I am soon to get an offer letter from an Oil & Gas Company in Jeddah. I want to know that what salary shall be enough to live a healthy life there in Jeddah. Further I want to save money as well. How is the House Rent, Food & Petrol Prices & Medical Facilities in Jeddah. How much money should i need if i want to live a decent life. Is it a safe place to live for people coming from other parts of the world.
your replies shall be highly appreciated.

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  • Dear Muhammad Amir Sir

    posted by Deleted user in Saudi Arabia forum 

    Dear Muhammad Amir Sir,

    I did not calculated SAR 6000 by any method. I am just assuming or taking it as the maximum limit (for monthly expenses) but now Mr Yakub Khan sir's reply have cleared my doubts. Further I am not married & don't have any kids so the figure SAR 3500 seems quite decent.

    Anyways thanks to both of you for your crucial inputs.


  • Muhammad Amir

    posted by  in Saudi Arabia forum 

    Sir i think you want say house rent approximately SR 18,000 to 22,000 per year that is maximum SR 1,833 per month and food items normally 4/5 person family around SR 1,000/- per month.
    But i don,t know Mr. Rabjot calculated SR 6,000/- per month from which method.

  • posted by  in Saudi Arabia forum 

    Thanks for your reply.

    So I can assume that my monthly expenses would be around, say SAR 6000 to live a normal life there in Jeddah.

    Would you agree with this.


  • Query

    posted by Deleted user in Saudi Arabia forum 

    Dear Mr. Yakub Khan,

    Thanks for your immediate response.

    Please give me a brief assumption on how much would be the "Monthly Expenses" incurred for the following:

    1. House Rent (Normal Accommodation) Including Electricity, Water, House Cleaning etc
    2. Food Expenses (I Eat normal home cooked food & don't like 2 visit Restaurants or Hotels for food)
    3. Petrol Expenses


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