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hi everyone, anyone who can assist me on this?
im supposed to go bak to my country for vacation last mar 1 but i was put on hold since my iqama was about to expire .
its almost a month now and according to our HR department, its still on process.
would their be means where i can check renewal status online?
please send me your replies thru my email at [...].
thank you to all

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    My Iqama is expiring in Nov 2010. However I am planning to go to Haj this year with my family which is also coming in Nov 2010. I heard the company takes long time to renew. I am thinking to renew it myself.

    Plz can someone tell me if there are any trust worthy agents who can do my job asap.


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    Hi Richards,

    There are 2 things u can do either u can wait till ur Iqama is renewed or u can take the iqama from ur company and give it to the saudi agent who will finish ur job in less then in one hour.

    The cost of iqama for one year will be around 700 SR I guess not sure.


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    Richards i am very sorry to hear about your case in your situation you must contact your employer and ask them to process your Iqama but usually they can just send a letter to Saudi Embassy in philippines and can process it without renewal of Iqama it depends what is yoru company do you have your iqama number plz give me your iqama number i can check online and let you know if its done or no


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