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Iqama Renewal (SR 2400 for Labour Card)

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Hope everyone will be fine and thanks for helping the ppl by giving your kind assistance and feedback on this forum. I also would like to enquire about Iqama Renewal process as this is first time for me. I have visited 2-3 general services offices but their response made me more confused. I have the following enquiries:

1) My Iqama will be expired after 3 months and I want to go to my home country for 3-4 months. So, is it possible to renew my Iqama now even there is 3 months left in expiry? The 2 general offices told me 'no' but the same time they responded 'yes'. Can anyone pls. assist me on this?

2) Which documents I need to provide for me & my family's Iqama renewal? I need to ask about the medical test report (same as the report we gave 1st time for the new Iqama) because someone says, yes it is need and some says 'not needed'.

3) I have been told that now the iqama renewal cost becomes more higher (Iqama Renewal Sr. 650, Labour Card Sr. 2400 and general services office fee for each case 150-200). Can anyone tell that why they have imposed Sr. 2400 for the labour card?

I will be very grateful for your very kind & earliest assistance on the above. Thank you all in advance for all the support, guidance & help been provided on the forum. Stay always blessed & Jazak Allah

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    Usually we have to renew our Iqama and than transfer, Dear Imran you have to submit a document from you company stating that your company want to take your transfer, every compnay will give that letter.
    In our company we have a policy that we have to renewal our iqama and than reimbus. It depends on company policy.

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    Iqama Renewal Question

    posted by  Muhammad Imran in Saudi Arabia forum 

    SAlama everyone,

    Kindly can anyone tell me that i am about to complete my first 2 years in saudia. My iqama expiring on 12-03-1434. i am working in IT co. My question is that do i have to first renew with my kafeel then i can transfer or can i transfer without renewing?

    The HR where i am working say that i have to renew with my kafeel then they can give a transfer letter. is this correct. on the other hand my kafeel is saying that bring your transfer letter? What is the rule exactly? Completeing 2 years plus renewing and then transfer? OR completing 2 years, can go for tranfer and renew?

    guide plz


  • Omar S

    need iqama

    posted by  Omar S in Saudi Arabia forum 

    In sha'Allah by the well of Allah I will find someone ان شاءالله

  • Omar S

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    does anyone know where i can get iqama's from, if you know please email me, i will give them $7000 for the iqama US money in sha'Allah

  • Mansoor Hassan

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    The Ministry of Labor has exempted cleaning companies from the Nitaqat system after realizing the practical difficulties involved in implementing the system in that sector.
    “Minister of Labor Adel Fakeih instructed his deputy to take swift measures to acquit cleaning companies, so that they can renew the residence permits of their workers and cleaning operations will continue uninterrupted,” Al-Sharq daily reported quoting a source yesterday.
    The Nitaqat system implemented early this year stipulates that all private companies employ a certain percentage of Saudis or they will be subjected to penal measures. Such measures include denial of the ministry’s permission to renew labor cards and iqamas (residency permits).
    The system classifies companies with the least number of Saudis as red category and those with too few Saudi workers in the yellow category. Companies with a satisfactory level of local workers are in the green category.
    The first victims of the new system were the cleaning contractors. The nature of their work required employing thousands of expatriate laborers, as they could not find any Saudis to accept cleaning jobs. Another order of the ministry made it mandatory for companies to pay SR 2,400 for each foreign worker annually.
    Cleaning companies found themselves stuck in the red category, which made it impossible for them to renew residency permits of their workers. Expatriate workers in the Kingdom without a valid residency permit are in violation of regulations and could be arrested and deported.
    The situation prompted thousands of workers to refuse to clean streets. Many city districts faced plummeting hygienic standards and a resulting spread of diseases.
    A cleaning company in Jeddah, also in the red category, was allowed to renew residency permits of 2,000 workers on Sunday. Their workers refused to work until their residential status in the country was set right.
    The workers’ strike led to accumulated waste in neighborhoods such as Kandarah, Ammariah and Saheefah in southern Jeddah, filling the air with abominable stench and deteriorating the environment.
    The deteriorating environmental condition was a threat to public health in those districts with the spread of contagious diseases such as dengue fever.
    To keep the city clean and hygienic, Jeddah municipality ordered three other companies to undertake cleaning operations.
    A source at the municipal office said the contracting company would be prosecuted for failing to fulfill its contractual obligations besides paying the cost of other contracting companies doing the task.
    The ministry has made it clear that the exemption order was not applicable to the Saudization of monitoring and administrative departments of the companies, the newspaper reported.
    The ministry’s decision to hike the fees for expatriate workers have come under severe criticism from businessmen, especially by the chambers of commerce across the country. Some companies, especially in the construction sector, fear they will have to cease their activities because they can’t meet the ministry’s demands.

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    any update on SR 2400 my iqama expire on 20 feb 2012 my Kafeel is in red is. Are we able to renewal red catogery iqama. and does this Sr2400 include Sr800 iqama fee in that. Thanks

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    Dear all,

    Any update for new Law regarding Saudi Labor Card fee 2400 Riyal ??

  • Khaqan Humayun

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    Sorry if I disturb you actually I was searching someone who helps me to get Saudi visa for Makkah azad visa, here in Pakistan agents demand too much. Is it possible that I get contact of any Kafeel and I get Saudi visa without involving any Pakistani agent? this think only increase price and I can't afford this. I heard people have contact with Saudi citizen through this they get visa.
    If it is possible kindly provide email address of any good Kafeel I'll contact him.
    Jaza kum Allah o Khar

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    Dear Br. Mohammed Ahmed,

    Thank you for your response & assistance. My Iqama is from Madina Munawara so the time i submitted my docs for new iqama (medical test from Riyadh), jawazat rejected my case and asked to provide the medical test report from Madina Munawara. Do I need to do the same for me & my family in order to renew the iqama? And also thanks for your suggestion to wait for sometime more. I can manage for 2-3 weeks time before i proceed with this.

    A quick question, just for info, this 2400 for labour card is also imposed for the new Iqama?

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