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Iqama Renewal

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Dear All,

My Iqama is going expire on 12 safar 1432.
1)I want to know how much it will cost me to renew excluding my Sponcer (Kafeel) fee mean Tameen,Government fee etc
2)What thing are needed in this procedure? (Medical Test, Photos etc)
3)My Sponcers (KAfeel) is women and her chamber is also close.
4)and i have Copy Iqama is there any chance it will convert in card iqama?

BTW its my 1st renew
Thanks and regard's

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    i want to know my iqama has renew or no any body tell me plz

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    SAlama everyone,

    Kindly can anyone tell me that i am about to complete my first 2 years in saudia. My iqama expiring on 12-03-1434. i am working in IT co. My question is that do i have to first renew with my kafeel then i can transfer or can i transfer without renewing?

    The HR where i am working say that i have to renew with my kafeel then they can give a transfer letter. is this correct. on the other hand my kafeel is saying that bring your transfer letter? What is the rule exactly? Completeing 2 years plus renewing and then transfer? OR completing 2 years, can go for tranfer and renew?

    guide plz


  • Omar S

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    In sha'Allah by the well of Allah I will find someone ان شاءالله

  • Omar S

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    does anyone know where i can get iqama's from, if you know please email me, i will give them 7000 for the iqama US money in sha'Allah

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    contact ur local Jawazaat office, ask them to print the status of ur Iqama, no need to fear they will definitely help u the fees for this print is 100 Riyal. u will get a complete detail of ur sponsor, contact him or sue him with the help of maktab e amal.



  • Akhtar Ali

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    Dear Mr. Baba Khan,

    i want to some help from your side, dear i have to apply before one month for my family visit visa and also i have to stamp from chamber of com and also my kafeel so file with me and when i check my application no from internet their is coming RAQAM AL TALAB .
    Dear i want to know how many month will be pending this one.

    thank you

    Akhtar Ali

  • Abdulmajeed Eshaq

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    Hello!members, If anyone here can help me or give an advice because my iqama(family driver) just expired last month and i dont know where to find my sponsor. I have met him once on my last renewal and i got his mobile number but now its closed. I spent a lot of money with this visa and now am just another illegal aliens here in the kingdom. Is there anyway for me to renew my iqama without the authorization from my sponsor? I Have my original passport with me bcoz he gave it to me our last first and last met on my last renewal.Thank you

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    ciao scusa se ti disturbo saresti interessato ad commercializzare del perlato di sicilia , io sono in una cava di perlato che e di mio cognato .

  • javaira naeem

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    thanx waqas information is really useful

  • Muhammad Waqas

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    Miss Javira

    yes your husband can renew his iqama b4 iqama expire. yes he can pay his Insurance = goverment fee directly which is 650 one year and medical is 900 as im going through this process these days. he can do that without Kafeel but its risky as kafeel have power to cancel his visa. remaing other can help better.

    By the way my KAfeel is asking= 3000 kafala
    2000= government fee
    11000= medical
    Note: for 1 year only and forcing me to get nakal kafala

    Courtesy = Baba Khan

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