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Is it hard to be a foreign woman in Saudia Arabia?

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My fiancé get a job offer in Riyadh so we will move to Saudia Arabia next year. How is it to be a woman there? I am affraid that I won't have as much liberty than in Switzerland there. I feel lost when I think that I will move there, maybe because I do not know anything from the middle east and nobody from there... Help me please! I will be really happy to receive advices, testimonials, contacts, etc!

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  • salman patwary

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    no worries in Saudi Arabia there are lot lots of different nationalities from all over the world and they stayed and adapted life after short time but also they started to enjoy great places there like historical places and parks in addition to big number of hoping mall included all international brands

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    hi, i am looking for a small villa in al hamra or al shati even 1 bedroom
    cuz i am alone if in compound with good price it will be great.
    if u have call me

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    Saudi women are so lucky to live in Saudi Arabia because they are so so secured physically and financially. They can indulge in any activity but with consent of the male head of the family. Usually they are not allowed to move around without covering their heads. God bless them!


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    t was very nice to meet you , any way i w ould like to share you , That we have some of the villas for rent suitable for Residential and Commercial Usage on reasonable price
    (Attached pictures )
    1- Al shati -1 Abdullah Abdul Jabbar Street
    Duplex Villa on main street .Suitable for offices and Residential
    300 SQM
    Two floor , 3 bed rooms + 3 halls + 3 Bath room + kitchen + Room for maid + Driver one car parking inside. New Air Conditioning spit type
    Yearly rent 15 0,000.00 per year + 10% Office Commission
    2- Al shati - 3 Near Consul baharian , close to Cornish
    Duplex Villa Suitable for Residential
    350 SQM
    Two floor + Roof 3 bed rooms + 3 halls + 3 Bath room + kitchen + Room for maid + Driver + Swimming pool +one car parking inside. New Air Conditioning spit type
    Yearly Rent 135,000.00 per Year + 10% Office Commission
    3- Tahliya - Hail Street
    Old Villa Suitable for Offices , Company Staff accommodation , Storage + Big Family + Gruop of Bachelors ,
    580 SQM
    Total 12 Rooms niclude with halls and bed rooms +Kitchen + maid room + driver room + 3 car parking inside the villa
    Yearly Rent 150,0000.00 per Year + 10% Office Commission
    For information please call sale dept. 050 262 5252

  • badrinho .

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    how r u ??

    welcom to riyadh

    umm it s alot different here in ksa
    there r some restrictions ,, but there r always ways to enjoy ur life

    i live in riyadh

    here is my email ,, if u need any help

    [...] ^_^

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    I hope you enjoy ur stay in KSA. Riyadh is kind of a closed city where the majority of the people are so strict about everything and also the religion. Some people from other places like Jeddah or some foreigners from outside KSA call them extremely "close-minded". You'll be fine just don't forget your abaya before you leave home :D

    Things are notably different in Jeddah though. People are broad-minded and liberal at some point and the city is urbanized.

    I'm not saying that Jeddah is better than Riyadh or anything. Those are only facts. Both cities are unique in there own way :D

  • Finally, girls!

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    Thanks for your answer Georgina it's good to have a woman point of view :)
    As Aleksandra, more feedback from girls could be more than welcome! Come on guys lend your computer to your wives and your girl friends! XD (don't misunderstood me, all you answer are really precious for me :) it's just that I would like to have girls feedback as well!)
    And I have one more question in my mind. How did you feel when you just arrived in Saudia Arabia? Did you had to face a cultural shock or not? How long did it take you to feel at home there?

  • abdullah a

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    if u need any thing in riyadh or any where in saudi arabia contact me [...]

    and dont worry we good pepole

  • J. Yousuf

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    i don't know but i guess i am the first one who adviced this respectful Lady of the situation over here..i told her this is the Kingdom of the Man..if you have good qualification you got to have good time otherwise you ganna have all your time sleeping on bed along with the TV remote control..but still..this country is Good.

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