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    posted by  F.E. A in Saudi Arabia forum 

    I'm sorry to hear about what happened to your child at this school.
    Although I live in Jeddah, I was told by many people in Riyadh that Najd National School is the best school there. They have fixed rules and regulations that everyone follows including teachers.

    I hope everything works out for you!

  • Leila Hassine


    posted by  Leila Hassine in Saudi Arabia forum 

    Dear Sid.
    I'm not surprised by your complaints ; cause this is the case in most schools in KSA.
    I applied for this school in particular. I had the experience, "the fluent English" and the Enthusiasm needed to deal with kindergarten age students. After a very impressive interview she asked me politely if I can take off my scarf at school (where men and women share the space) when I refused she called it off.
    So better luck in your search for schools in Riyadh (BTW I'm just like you a frustrated parent who's looking for a decent education for her kids)

  • KSIS

    posted by Deleted user in Saudi Arabia forum 

    F.E.A - Thanks

    Leila - Absolutely agree with your reply. All we want from the whole affair is decent and dependable education for our kids so that they have the best chances available to them through out their lives. But in Riyadh we are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

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    Right right right

    posted by  meso z in Saudi Arabia forum 


    i have no wonders about all that...once i ve been in meeting with her she almost looked at me while there...well, obviously she is v racist and just interested in her shoes trade mark...just beacuse i am not blonde enough to work there....

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    lack of books and poor schooling

    posted by  menna ahlam in Saudi Arabia forum 

    I was really troubled to read of your experiences with schooling in riyadh - as a parent i know how hard it is to get the best for your child, sometimes i wonder if the schools WANT our children to do well - my son goes to a very wellknown school in jeddah, he's taking IGCSEs next year. he came home from school saying that all his friends are getting autology - i had no idea what it was, but when he finally persuaded me to sign him up, i was amazed that the school hadn't told us about it. we just have to rely on other parents or our kids to tell us about innovations like this.

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    Better schools

    posted by  Rida Mourtada in Saudi Arabia forum 

    Hey Sir,

    I might be a year late in replying, but the subject is worth it.
    Personally I have been in Najd National School 10+ years ago, and I advice you not to even step by this school to check it. When I left this school, it was all Saudis and the education is in Arabic and Arab non-Saudi kids will not feel comfortable in it. Until now I have friends that tell me it became worse. Kids are being taught by un-qualified people.

    The second I have been in is KAIS (King Abdulaziz International School). KAIS has a SABIS based system such as Choueifat International Schools standards. I studied in this school for 3 years from 2000-2003 and then moved to UAE and to a Choueifat school here in Sharjah, UAE. I didn't feel a difference in moving between the two schools since they have the same system and same books.
    KAIS standards are really high, it prepares the student for any educational obstacles found in universities. This system has been there since 1886. I advice you go check this school.

    As for KSIS, I totally agree with you.

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