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Limit on number of Sponser changes

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Is there a maximum limit on the number of transfers one can have on his visa? I am aware that the transfer fees doubles every time we change the sponsor and I heard that one can have a maximum of three sponsor changes and after that he has to go on Exit. Is it true?
Also, kindly tell me if the rule that once a person comes to KSA and he cannot get a transfer for two years applies even after two years? What I mean is if I came two years back and I changed my sponsor , can I change to another sponsor within six months of my transfer or do I have to wait for another two years?

I have gone through, but could not find the above answers, will be glad if you can help me.

  • masood sait

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    Dear Brother,
    as my experience , you can change even 100 times ur sponsership, the maxium fees for sponsership change is 6000
    that means
    1st change - 2000
    2nd change- 4000
    3rd change- 6000
    and fourth onwards - same as third 6000 SAR

    I discussed with my HR manager also, he also said same thing

  • Go to Ahmed Shareefuddin's profile

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    Jazakallah Brother Baba Khan,
    So if i came to KSA on 1st jan 2010 then i have to stay with my kafeel till 1st jan 2012, and say on 1st march 2012 i change my sponser again i will have to wait till 1st march 2014( the english dates are just as an example), am i right?
    Also can you kindly guide to the page that talks about this on


  • Baba Khan

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    Brother Ahmed Shareefuddin , Thankyou for your participation in this community.To the best of my knowledge and experience , it is perfectly true that you can change a sponsorship 3 times , i.e after your arrival in the kingdom on your first original sponsor's visa the passports department allows 3 more changes for sponsorship(the fees are as follows:1st transfer SR:2000, 2nd Transfer SR:4000 & the third and last transfer SR:6000) and yes thats final , after this the person will be stamped with an exit visa,on the other hand you cannot apply for a sponsorship transfer unless the period of 2 years has completed after the day of your iqama issuance regardless of what so ever the situation is , every time u step in the kingdom you have to wait for 2 years to qualify for the sponsorship transfer!
    Feel Free to Write Back !

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