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Medical Test for Saudi Iqama

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Hello dears,
Is it possible for a person to get iqama if he have some minor medical problem?

One of my friends got hepatitis B 5 years before.He got treatment and thus got rid of it.It became non-reactive but when blood tested it shows positive.
It is non-reactive but shows positive,all other related tests like LFT are normal.

Can you please guide us in this regard?

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    What would be the implication or effect of having an abnormal ecg on your application for medical clearance, is it fit or unfit to work? Please advice me any anformation and what to do if you have an abnoramal ecg during your medical examination?

    Thank you.

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    After completing medical examiantions in my home country, do I need to have another or repeat medical test in saudi? If so, what medical tests I have to do (eg. ecg, x-ray, etc)?

    Anybody who is familiar with saudi regulation relative to this, can provide me an information on this, please. Thanks

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    I am from India, I just want to know what all checkups are done in medical test, i.e blood test, urine test etc? in Saudi Arabia. Will they take X-Ray during medical test? plz anybody can reply me sooner, who has gone through these tests recently in year 2011. Thnx

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    Hello there,

    I will be moving to saudi next week, but first i have to do a medical test here.

    the problem is that i have THC ( Weed) traces in my blood....would they check for that? and ban me ? or they only care about diseases???

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    Niyaz Sir, thanks a lot and appreciate for your reply.

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    My family (wife and child) are Hepatitis B Positive as tested, but it is protective and they have taken the necessary vaccinations too.

    My question is will I be able to bring them on family visa to stay here in saudi arabia.

    Your expedite reply is highly appreciated

    Thanks n Regards

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    He is in Lahore pakistan.
    U mean to say he should go and get a private medical exam before getting a visa or iqama?

    So where should he go for medical test?I mean which medical center or hospital in pak?

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    dear SK

    As I said earlier according to GCC medical exam guidelines whether a person have active disease or not , even if he had in past he is unfit. But again you can talk privately to the doctors or concerened staff before. There is way out if you arrange it before; i hope you got my point.

    I will recommend to all people in pakistan, india, bangladesh, philpine if you are planning to work in any GCC country; before going for any visa or job process do your medical exam privately first. These countries are making very insane laws. best luck

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    Dear Brother,

    Thanks for the information but I want to ask are you sure that such a minor issue can stop someone to get Iqama?
    I mean he has no more hepatitis B.He has got rid of it.So embassy should clear him.
    Can you please give some more details of it?

  • Medical for GCC - GAMCA in or outside

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    Dear SK.

    I don't know its bit late. but in future may be someone can benefit from my reply.
    GCC countries draws very strict rules for medical examinations call GAMCA. Unfortunately your friend is UNFIT to work under their guidelines. Its very unfortunate with these new guidelines they don't see person have disease or not they see fitness. You had something before you are healthy now, but you are Unfit to work, they draw these rules specially for developing countries, India, Pak, Bangla, Philpine etc..
    PM me if you need any guideline.

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