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Moving to Jubail and housing?

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I'm single and I will be moving to Jubail, KSA next month and would like to know little things to help me settle smoothly. I had a job offering for 240K SAR/year including all allowances. my questions:
* What is the cost of living there ? (car rental, gas, food...)
*Cost of small apartment rental?
*Should I pay one year in advance for rental?
*should I plane to stay in a hotel the first month before finding an apartment? is it common that companies give some extra money to help for the first month move?
*Is there a lot of accommodations there or I will be waiting a lot of time before I can find a house?

Any other info is welcome.

Many thanks,

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    Hello Amine!

    Read ur post..i am planning to shift to Saudi too..pls help with the queries u poted in March 2009


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    That's good news...thank you. I'm very excited to move there. From the pictures I see on google earth, it is indeed a very pleasant city.
    I will be working at sabic ? Is it an expensive area or I can rent a flat nearby?

    Many thanks.

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