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A/Salam To Dear All,
I have done MBA Accounting & Finance and have more than five years experience. I need some info regarding visa profession. Through my search on this site i have come to know that there are two visa categories i.e Professional and Non Professional. Kindly tell me that which professions lie in the category of Professional visaas either Accountant lie in this category? and all professional visaas have family status?

Looking for your positive response

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    Sir,I am an Indian,Sir my brother who lives in Saudi Arabia has sponsered me a Visa(Independent) through a kafeel....and the status on Visa is Accountant(Mahasib),when i went to a Consultancy to Complete my left-over process,like attestation and all those...after seeing my visa...they asked me I am I a Degree holder,but Basically I am a Engineer ( this not possible that A Engineer can go on Accountant Visa....IF not then why....I quickly require Everyone's suggestions,for the act of which i shall be grateful to you....May ALLAH SWT bless the whole humanity..Ameen

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    Hi everybody and happy Ramadan.
    I have an issue which would lke to have some opinion if anyone knows enough about the Saudi visa system, I have left a foreign investment company there ( 100% foreign own ) where I am the only signatory by power of attorney and the only one can sign in the chamber of commerce and banks however, I have got a better job in Qatar and have not returned nor renew my re entry in Saudi.

    The company in Europe has since cancelled the physical office there and now the company is a paper company, they keep paying my Gosi so that they can keep running the company, Ihave asked them to have someone replace me and cancel my Iqama but they have not done so so I wonder how to cancel my Iqama from the outside as I still have a valid Iqama until January 2013 but if want to get a business visa cannot do so having a valid Iqama and expired re entry. Any ideas and comments will be appreciated.


    Doha, Qatar

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    I am an accountant althoug i wish to work as a business consultant in the kingdom....what category of Job would you advice to reflect on ones visa.


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    Sir I am an ENGINEER. Currently, i am working as a Biomedical Engineer at a hospital. I have a Dependent Iqama which is under my Dad's sponsorship. I will be transferring my iqama very soon to my Khafeel. I want to know that when can i apply for FAMILY VISA? Is der any rule that i have to apply after a couple of months?and does a Family Visit Visa requires my Salary Certificate for the process? I want to bring my wife here. Thanks for help.

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    My friend has purchased professional visa from Pakistan, he need to verify the visa stamped on his passport. How can he verify visa? Is there any possibility that the visa stamped on your passport in not genuine? My friend purchased the visa from manpower agency. Kindly inform me asap.

    Regards / Atiq

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    Dear sir,Is it possible to get an information about Exit Visa,my brother just left to India last month.He couldn't get the Exit Visa paper from emigration authority by mistake at the airport.He has a new visa for other sponsor,but Saudi Embassy is asking Exit Visa paper.
    Thank you. Zahid Hussain baig

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    Dear Yakub khan,

    i am engineer,
    now i am in india
    and selected in saudi company,
    my contract period is 2 years
    can i come to INDIA after one year for my marriage?
    company told u can come with your tickets. this is true?

    company is saying to come KSA with labor visa because of urgency
    company is giving me a mail to change my profession on iqama as a proof.
    Is this true?

    look forward to hear your valuable advice.
    Mohsin alam khilji

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    Thank you so much, Yakub Saab

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    Dear Yakub Khan sab

    I am planning to move Jeddah , but want to know the rule.
    I am in Muscat,Oman and want to stamp saudi visa on the same passport , will there be any problem in stamping saudi visa on existing passport.
    I donot want to cancel the oman visa. Will be thankful if you could guide on that.


    Rana Amir

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