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A/Salam To Dear All,
I have done MBA Accounting & Finance and have more than five years experience. I need some info regarding visa profession. Through my search on this site i have come to know that there are two visa categories i.e Professional and Non Professional. Kindly tell me that which professions lie in the category of Professional visaas either Accountant lie in this category? and all professional visaas have family status?

Looking for your positive response

  • Muhammad Amir

    Hello Mr. Yakub Khan

    posted by  Muhammad Amir in Saudi Arabia forum 

    Salam. Thanks your reply. An agent in Pakistan offer me a visa whose status is engineer but i am an accountant. what is your recommendation because u say in your post your iqama status and your profession will be the same.

  • Muhammad Amir

    Mr. Yakub Khan

    posted by  Muhammad Amir in Saudi Arabia forum 

    That's means the problem is same i buy labor visa or buy engineer visa(Professional visa) iqma profession must be change. Tell me one thing the process of change of profession status on iqma is different in profession or non profession visa. If it is the same than why me pay more amount for this engineering visa.

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    Exit Visa !

    posted by  Shahul Hameed in Saudi Arabia forum 

    Dear Mr.Yakub,

    Due to some problem i plan to go on exit visa to india.

    When i informed to my sponsor to make the exit he receive the iqama from me & after ten days he give me the passport + final exit visa paper + work permit card is attached with passport

    In the airport counter do they ask (or) require this work permit card & how they will process the final exit procedure by having the work permit card with me?

    Do the sponsor should come with me to airport ?

    Kindly give reply on above query

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    Exit Paper !

    posted by  Shahul Hameed in Saudi Arabia forum 


    Thanks for ur reply.

    Can you tell me when they make stamp in Exit paper & passport,They will return back me the exit paper?

    Bcoz some body informed me that if i NOT Get the exit paper in hand i can't back to saudia for employment.

    Is it true? Pls clarify

    Awaiting for your reply.

  • Muhammad Amir

    Salam Mr. Yakub sab

    posted by  Muhammad Amir in Saudi Arabia forum 

    I can't understand one thing, when i have professional visa whose iqma status is Engineer why we need to change profession for family status.
    and one more question please, by law it is illegal to work in KSA other than your kafil which issue visa to you but the the agent who provide me visa says kafil give you no objection certificate(NOC). After this NOC it is legel to work in where in KSA.

    Looking for your positive and favorable response

  • Muhammad Amir

    Yakub sab

    posted by  Muhammad Amir in Saudi Arabia forum 

    One time you say accountant profession is only for saudi citizen. Can you hear somewhere an accountant azad visa is available. I think as you say its only for saudi citizen i am not found this visa to anywhere. Kindly guide me what to do in this situation?
    In your post u say if you r with family in this situation when your iqma profession dost not match with your degree what type of danger in this situation?

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