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Prohibited Airport Luggage Items

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Hello everyone. Now I know the obvious illegal items like alcohol and pornographic materials but I am wondering about other items. When entering the Kingdom at the airport will they search your laptop computer? Will they search cd's, dvd's and video games in a cd binder without the cases? Would it be better to leave a calendar behind with women in bikini's? I just want to stay out of trouble and start off on the right foot. Any thing else that might be wise information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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    You are welcome. I think this can be an option. However, you need to make sure that the movies don't contain porno stuff, otherwise they're going to be confiscated.
    Hope for you all the best brother.

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    posted by Deleted user in Saudi Arabia forum 

    Thank you Mohanad Ali, it does help. Would it be suggested to perhaps have my movies shipped to me instead so I don't risk the 24hour holding? Thanks.


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    Hi j h,

    posted by  Mohanad Ali in Saudi Arabia forum 

    I hope everything has been going well for you.

    You may find the following website useful:

    if you have any further questions, please feel free to ask. :)

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