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My name is rijo, indian working in jeddah, my doubt is about re entry visa . my baby 1.5 year old went to india for 1 year exit reenty visa his re entry visa expire on 1st of may 2011 and his iquma expire on july 30 2011. But due to company problem i am unable to take take him back with in that period.He is on my iquma.
My wife is also a MOH staff if my baby visa expire may i take him back to saudi on another visa(permanent) or any ban for him( he is an infant). i wish to know about suggestion, please help me.

  • Baba Khan

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    Hello RIJO , To the best of my knowledge , you wont be facing any problem even though your child's re-entry expires, his iqama and your iqama expire on the same date if i am not wrong , if you are planning to call your child after the re-entry date expires, you have 3 whole months as a grace period , you must send an extension letter attested from the ministry of foreign affairs within 3 months requesting that the re-entry had expired and you need an extension , you prepare the document on your company's letter head & get it stamped by the jawazat office & MOFA , finally get the extension stamped on your child's passport in your home country !


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