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Prior to expiry of Visit Visa, how many days earlier can one renew the Visit Visa before it expires. The Visit Visa was issued from Dammam can it be renew from either Riyadh or Al Hassa.

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    visit visa

    posted by  Mohammad Akram in Saudi Arabia forum 

    Dear Sheikh if you have time in expary time then you have to sumit 5days before expeary time date.And importent only they renew 3 time,s only after that you have to send them back.

  • Baba Khan

    Peace & blessings of Allah The Almighty Be upon All

    posted by  Baba Khan in Saudi Arabia forum 

    Dear Sheikh Murshad , The extension of a valid visa visa can be renewed only before 2 or 3 days prior from the date of expiration , and only under recommended situations you can get extensions till 1 year and 3 months (15 months), otherwise the allowed period is 9 months only ,to enlighten you further if your expiration date falls in the days of a weekend don't hesitate to walk over on these days , because the passport dept has a special counter that operates even on weekends for the extensions of visit visas.i hope that helps in solving your query .


  • uk mitra


    posted by  uk mitra in Saudi Arabia forum 

    Hi Sheikh Murshid,

    Adding to above response. You can get it extended in any nearest passport office.

    All the best

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    Visit Visa Renewal

    posted by  Hasnain Khan in Saudi Arabia forum 

    Please note that visit visa renewal is a simple process.

    First important thing to note is that do not go for renewal if more than 5 days are left in the expiry of the visa as the chances are very high that the person in charge there in Jawazat Office will ask you to come only when 4 to 5 days are left in the expiry of the visit visa.

    In Khobar - Dammam Area, visit visa renewal is done in teh Jawazat Office in Dammam. The location of Jawat Office is near to the Dammam Stadium (about 2 to 3 km). If you are going from Khobar to Dammam on the Khobar Dammam Highway, take a right turn just prior to the Stadium. Then keep on driving straight about 1.5 kms and you will see Panda on your left. Take a left turn and go about 400 meters; there is a cut on the road , take a further left and you will see a lot of open land with many cars parked. Park the car there and you are in front of the Jawazat Office.

    You will find many agents sitting on small desks outside the jawazat office. (You should go in to jawazat in the morning hours). They will fill the form for you and also they will also transfer visa fee (SAR 100 per passport) to Al-Rajhi Bank by using their mobile. They will charge a very minimal fee for this. You need to have original passport, your Iqama copy, Passport's front and back copy with you. Add teh application form filled up in Arabic and Visa Fee transfer reciept and your form is complete.

    As you enter jawazat office, you will find a table in the left where a policeman is issuing token to everyone. Please keep in mind that the Arabic word for visa extension is " Tamdeed Tashirah". Tell the policeman this word and collect one token for yourself. Now leave the place, you have to come back at 4 PM in the evening.

    In teh evening, all the office will be closed except for the area where visit visa extension is done. This is towards the right sade of the jawazat office. Many people, mostly Asian will be sitting there. Officials will call people by their token number. When your turns comes, go and deposit the original pasport along with the application form.

    After few minutes, depending upon the rush, you will be called and the passport with extension stamp marked on it with new visa expiry date written by hand, will be handed over to you.

    That's it!



    posted by  MAHAMAD AMIN SHAIKH in Saudi Arabia forum 

    Dear Mr. Hasnain,

    Thank you for uploading this informative article, surely this will help to some one who will be looking for this information.

    Thanks Take Care...

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    renewal of visit visa (hajj holidays)

    posted by  MOD EURO in Saudi Arabia forum 

    Dear Mr.Baba Khan,
    Thank you very much for you enlightening reply to one of the queries, I had one further doubt if you could kindly clear it.. My family is here on a visit visa and the expiry is nov14 2011. Now we all know that offices are open only after nov12 due to hajj holidays. so i dont think the counter will be open prior to that... could you advise me if they have a counter open during that period ? or if i can submit for renewal before holidays begin ?
    looking froward to your reply.


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    can we renew our family visit visa during hajj holoday

    posted by  baneza maderal in Saudi Arabia forum 

    pls help us about our query of the renewal of our family visit visa...the expiry falls on oct 28 hijri calendar and as already been said it shoud be renewed 3-5days before the expiry, how can we renew if the jawazat office was closed because of hajj hoiliday? is there anything we need to do to get an advance renewal? can we renew the visit visa here in jeddah even if it was filed in dammam?
    pls inform us thanx

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    posted by  Farooq Ali Meer in Saudi Arabia forum 


    My Question is - In OCT month 2013 From ( OCT 10- OCT 20 ) Holidays are there,cz of EID AL ADHA , INCASE,EXTENSION COMES IN THERE DAYS ONLY ? Then how can we extent of family visit visa ? where we can go ? when the VISA OFFICE will be closed ?

    OR we can renew it in PASSPORT OFFICE IN INDIAN EMBASSY IN TAHLIA new one ?

    Kindly,advise,as my family visit visa extension comes in these above dates only so confused.

    Farooq Ali

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    visit visa renewal

    posted by  Noujish Ameen in Saudi Arabia forum 


    My family is visit visa will finish on june 10,2013. My question is Can i renew my family visit visa without my original iqama? bcause my company want send my iqama for proffession changing and renewing (iqama expires on 13 july 2013)
    Pls help me

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