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Prior to expiry of Visit Visa, how many days earlier can one renew the Visit Visa before it expires. The Visit Visa was issued from Dammam can it be renew from either Riyadh or Al Hassa.

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    Help...renewal clarification

    posted by  Hippy Bonethug in Saudi Arabia forum 

    Hi! I just want to clarify, let say the date of arrival in Riyadh is dec. 20, 2013 count 90 days from there will be march 19, 2014. will it be the expiration date for visa or the date of issuance which is dec. 12, 2013. if the expiration will be on the 19th can I have it apply for an extension on the 16th? im thinking that I might be advised to just go back if I go there on the 13th (Thursday) as I am thinking, it will be closed on 14th and 15th.

    Thank you in advance!

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    posted by  Ayaz Pasha Armaan in Saudi Arabia forum 

    Seems my wife cannot apply for visa from here coz she is coming on visit visa. only iqama holders or residence permit ppl can apply. may be i will send her back home and then she will apply from india and meet at the destination

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    @Ayaz Pasha Armaan

    posted by  Muhammad Muhammad in Saudi Arabia forum 

    You can do that.
    But, once your family who will be on visit visa in KSA, leaves KSA, she will get an exit stamp from Jawazat in KSA. So, she can't come back to KSA on the same visa.

    From France, you and your family can go to India without any issue because you have Indian passport.
    So, you and your family can go to India anytime and anyway whenever you like.


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    My wife will be here on Visit Visa and we want to go on a holiday to Europe , example france.
    can my wife & i apply for Schengen visa from DQ in Riyadh, as she is on Visit visa will it be possible.

    Sorry i chose the wrong article to ask but i couldn't search for such article either.

    we will leave from riyadh and from france we will leave back to India. any suggestions please

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    @Admin & All members

    posted by  Muhammad Muhammad in Saudi Arabia forum 

    Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakaatuhu....

    Dear Admin and everyone in this forum.
    Thank you so much for sharing all the valuable information here, it helps a lot.....really!!!

    Today i went to Jawazat Riyadh to Extend my mother in law's visit visa and Alhamdulilla i got extension for 1 month, because i got 1 month visa when i applied for the first time.

    So, i would like to share my personal experience with everyone hoping that it would surely help everyone here in this forum.

    1. Visitor original passport.
    2. Visitor passport copy (first page, visa page & last page)
    3. Visitor passport size white background photo-1.
    4. Your original Iqama.
    5. your iqama copy.
    6. Sadad payment- From any ATM or Online (Government Services, Alien Control, Extent Visiting Visa)
    Enter border number (10 digit number written by hand with a pen on the page before visa page)
    7. Application form-You can find Saudis with a type writer near Jawazat, they have the forms & they fill it for
    SR.10. Tell him "TAMDEED ZIYARAH" which means visit visa extension.

    Go to Jawazat near Lulu in HARA before 6:00AM.

    Stand in the queue. They start distributing token numbers sharp @ 6:00AM.

    Take the token number and enter Jawazat building. After you enter Jawazat building, turn left and search for Hall Number-6. This is the place where visit visas are extended.

    When your number comes on the display, go to the counter.

    Give all the documents to the officer, and he will print the extended visit visa page with expiry date in English & Hijri.

    THAT'S IT!!!


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    posted by  in Saudi Arabia forum 

    You can download form eforms

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    posted by  in Saudi Arabia forum 

    where to get the visa extension form

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    posted by  in Saudi Arabia forum 

    no need any company letter, chamber or any company mandoob to extend just fill visa extention form pay 100 riyal and go your self follow my previous message

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    How about the other documents, example company letter with Chamber of Commerce is this necessary for visit visa renewal or you can directly renew it by yourself even without the company concerned.

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    posted by  shakeeb ahmed in Saudi Arabia forum 

    First pay 100 riyal thru atm on bordernumber of visitors that number you can find on riyadh immigration page when they come they will write on passport fill visa extention form and attach one passport size photo of visitor your iqama copy and visitors passport copy need to attach with that form also
    then go to jawazat office early morning 7 am and take token and give it to visa extention counter when your number come they will do it
    after feb.03 you can go any day, they will not accept if more then 6 days of expiry date if you go
    you should take visitors original passport and your original iqama with you

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