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What's the procedure of transferring iqama/sponsorship?

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I am a female expat living here in Saudi Arabia. I have an iqama with a resident visa and my father is the sponsor. although the iqama has been renewed at the moment. I am currently looking for a job and I want to transfer my sponsorship. How long would it take approximately for the transfer procedure?

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    Getting a better offer is easy, but getting iqama transfer from your current employer is very difficult. In this article, they have explained in detail the procedure to search for a better offer, secure the offer, let your employer know about it in best possible way, get release letter and ultimately transfer your sponsorship. I hope you would like this effort.

  • marie monterde
  • Saud M.

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    My dear Marie,

    I deeply from my heart entreat you will accomplish your desires... please tell me what is your exact profession, so I can try earnestly find way mainly you would get an employer, afterwards transfer takes place with the new sponsor to contact your respected father to proceed the transfer for the new employer.

    I may need your service if you express your own particulars field.! On the labor office won't take long to undertake the transfer procedure Insha Allah Almighty, wishing you the best you hope to.

    My best respect & regards,

    Saud Mashy

  • marie monterde

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    thanks imran, do i need to ask the hr department of new employer for a demand letter if they hire me?

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    Dear Marie,

    You need to find employer first and then your father will give transfer letter to new (Saudi) employer. and after it your new sponsor will visit ministry of labor office to register all your details in their system. and after it you can transfer and all it take not more than 4-5 days.


  • marie monterde

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    thanks for the reply!

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    Not sure about the time required. There are many requests Pending for Sponsorship Transfer. You must be well aware about Amnesty period given by the Government to the companies to correct the status of their employees.

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