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electronic exit visa

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hi. i was working before in jeddah, ksa as a nurse and since the hospital that i was working with has closed, the saudi immigration was the one who issued my exit visa. i applied again in jeddah and got a new employer but my agency is asking for the copy of exit visa which the saudi immigration get and i wasn't able to get it photocopied out of my knowledge that i will be needing it since there was an exit stamp on my passport. the agency said that i need to give them a copy of my exit visa in order for them to issue me a new entry visa. what if the saudi immigration doesn't have any copy of my recent exit visa, can i still come back to jeddah? what options can i do? thanx

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    My name is Abubakar Yusuf from Nigeria a gradute of bachelor in Business Education, very vast in computer interms of usage, installation, networking maitainance and repair. I have intention to live work in Saudi Arabia but I dont know how to go about it kindly help me in which ever way you can please to link me with an agent. My phone number +2348077995141. I speak only english and 4 other Nigerian languages. Thank you sir.

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    You are an educated person mashallah instead of looking for agents , start making connection with like minded people via internet . make your good profile at . join some good job portals like , connect with recruiters and submit your resumes at least 20 / day to companies thorugh internet and inshallah you will get some thing . Agents will take money from you that you can use some where else :)

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