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enquiry about exit re enry and come back to saudi arabia in another visa

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Hi, Assalamu alaikum
I am working in a company in dammam as auto cad draftsman. the problem is now i want to go to exit and come back in another visa/company in saudi arabia, but my present company is not allowing to go for exit since last 6 months. in that time the company was renewed my iqama for one year and now my visa will expires on 5/muharram/1433. now i got an opportunity to go to india for a short vacation through exit re entry,i am actually not interested to come back to this company anymore.when i am going like this(exit re entry) and not coming back in the same visa, how long will take to come through another visa in saudi arabia or is there any problem for coming to KSA ?. also please specify if any other problems.

please reply as soon as possible
Thanking you

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    I am a doctor and working in MOH, KSA. Can you kindly tell me the new rule for doctors going on final exit, are they allowed to come back immediately on a new work visa or they have to wait for 2 years like those who go on vacation and do not come back?.


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    assalamu alaikkum
    i am wrking in a reputed travel group company in riyadh..i came here on a contract basis for 2 years and my contract term is about to finish in few days..i dont like to work wif this company as they told so many lies at the time of interview an offered a lot but after i came here i realised it was all lie..i dont want to continue with job at the beginning itself but they told me pay 1lakh indian rupees and go back..but i dont want 2 do that so i stayed bak here until the end of my contract with this company..but now i asked them to give me exit they are dening that also.. :( they are not ready to give me exit..they are telling like we ll give 40 day vacation aftr that you have to come back or else we ll block your visa so that you cant enter any GCC countries forever like this they r threatining me ..this is not only to me this is happebing with all my friends.. :( on behalff of all am posting this.. i dono where to ask my doubt so i am posting my doubt here..i got a good offer in quatar i dont want to take the pressure again ..i hav to go some other GCC countries please any one help me if i go to vacation to india and if i not come back again to saudi arab will there are any chances of my company blocking my visa and passport to all the GCC countries..please some help us all in this case allah will bless u and ur family...take care..reply us immediately.. :(

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    Hi dear,
    I need to know about Bahrain visit visa formality to coming to Saudi Arabia, because one of my friend is in India now and he got a visa to coming to Bahrain, he will come to Bahrain in the next week. and he want to come to Saudi Arabia through visit/multiple visa. But the main problem is that my friend is before a Saudi visa holder, and he left Saudi Arabia via re entry in before four months and he did not came back so his visa canceled.Now he want to visit Saudi Arabia through his Bahrain visa as a visit visa holder. what is the procedure please help me. Also i have another question that when he enter to Bahrain how many days will take for getting his Iqama.
    Please give me a reply.

    Your usual attention will be appreciated.

    Thanking you,

    With Regards.

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    Thank you so much for your kind reply my dear brother.You are helped me lot. once again thank you.

    May Allah fulfill all your wishes.

  • Baba Khan

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    Saju Saaj , even this matter had actually been discussed earlier, but its a pleasure to help you out once again , my dear friend, once you leave the kingdom on a exit-reentry visa & it expires , then according to the new law you wont be able to enter the kingdom on A PERMANENT RESIDENT VISA FORTHE NEXT 2 YEARS, If You suggest traveling to another GCC country for eg: Dubai , Qatar etc on A PERMANENT RESIDENT VISA, you are free to do so , YOU CAN ENTER SAUDI ARABIA (Via Road Or By Air) ON A VISIT VISA, The Saudi Authorities wont stop you in at any cause because you will be on a visit visa & there are no restrictions as per now for visit visa entrees .Hence GoodLuck with your decisions & may Allaah Help You !


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    First of all i thankful to you for the quick reply. and i am sorry for asking again some questions about the same matter that i mentioned in my last reply, One of my friend is told me that if i am going from KSA through exit re entry visa, if i want to come back again to kingdom before 2 years-there is a possibility like, i have to come any other gcc visa and i can come to saudi arabia through visit visa/multiple re entry visa.Is it possible? if not any other way to come before 2 year. because i have some business in KSA. Please give me a good solution.
    Thanking you,
    I appreciate your usual attention.


  • Baba Khan

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    The Same Question Again & Again , You Wont Be Allowed to Enter the Kingdom For 2 Years , Even If You Get Your Visa Endorsed from The Saudi Embassy in Your Home Country, You Will Be Rejected After Arrival On the Airport !


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