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exit visa

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I want to go vacation and I will not come back with present employer. I want to join onother company in saudi arabia.

So, I would like to know that When can I come back in saudi arabia.

What is the current producre about this.

what is the new rules for exit re-entry ?

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    I have question im a nurse in ksa 6months working my contract is 2 years then as a nurse here we need to pass prometric exam but sad to say i took 3 attempts but then failed, my employer decided to sent me home, ii there possibility that if i got my final exit can i go directly yo dubai as a tourist? Because i have relatives ther who will process my papers.

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    Going for Final exit from Saudi Arabia is not something which most of the expatriates welcome. However, it can create a hell of problems and you may be detained at the airport if you have not gone through the proper steps. For example, you have to pay off all your debts, sell off your car, dis-associate yourself from the housing contract etc. I strongly recommend you to read this article to know about the Do’s and Don’ts before and after Final Exit Visa. Please share it to those people who are going on Final Exit.

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    Dear brother. I have recently got a job in a public university in Saudi Arabia. I have come with my family. I have applied for iqama and am still waiting for it. Once I got my iqama then I will submit passports of my family for iqama. My daughter who is with us, is studying in Pakistan and her college has started for last two weeks. She wants to go back to the country and cannot wait for her iqama. She doesn't want to come back because she has a plan to study in the U.K. Can she leave KSA without getting exit stamp from passport office?

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    Assalam Aliykum brothers,

    Is there any paper we need to take while going from saudi on final exit to India and then to come back on another visa. If yes, please let me know the procedure for that paper.

    Thanks in Advance.

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    thank you for caring. i have already sent u an e-mail. thanks again.

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    dear h7oo7h h7oo ,
    thanks alot for the advice, one thing i am scared of is that i am going back so early on my current visa. if i go back on final exit and get the new visa and come back to saudi arabia, will there be any problem at the airport, may be imigration will ask me y u come back again so early OR may they will tell me to come after 6 months, may be one year or more. what are your thoughts one this matter. thanks you

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    i cannot transfer for next two year becuase of new visa & my company will definiatly not release me. thats y i am asking this question that if i have another visa from my previous company can i go back and come again?

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    I was born in Saudi and i grew up here in khobar city. I studdied in bahrain and then i got a job in a local company, but somehow they could'nt transfer my iqama. I resigned form that company and joined another one, they offered me a visa. i took it and went back to pakistan on final exit to get it stamped. Now its been a week i have joined this new company. I dont like it here and i want to join my previous company again and my previous company is offering me a new visa also. my question is that i even had not completed my probabtion period yet, i can easily leave this company on final exit with NOC but can i come back on the new visa offered by my previous company OR do i have to wait for some time period if i go back ? please advice.

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    Hello Abdul,

    I've joined this community very recently and this post is of interest to me. I have a couple of quick questions for you.

    1. Who issues the Final Exit visa? Whats the process?
    2. What is the time frame in which I can return to KSA and join another company once I have a Final Exit Visa?

    Thanks in advance

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    Thanks a lot for the reply back Mr Zafar, I really appreciate this forum and the people who are supporting it, May Allah always grant us better than what we seek, Aameen

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