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    Assalaam w kum...........

    posted by  abdul ahad in Saudi Arabia forum 

    hey u got already ur visa

    i thing u know now

  • B a


    posted by  B a in Saudi Arabia forum 

    you use google translate ,

    or send it to me i will translate it for u

  • how are you mum

    posted by Deleted user in Saudi Arabia forum 

    you can send to my email [...] i try to help free.

    god bless you

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    Assalam alaikum

    posted by  mohammed rafi in Saudi Arabia forum 

    Your visa is already issued my brother

    Mohammed Rafi
    Cell : 0504996104

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    visa status

    posted by  mohammed rafi in Saudi Arabia forum

    click this link you will get your visa

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    Visa Issued

    posted by  Syed Sameer Ahmed in Saudi Arabia forum 

    Dear Brother your visa is issued. for the language problem, you need to go to control panel in your computer and in regional settings - then click on region and language and select the administrative tab and then click on change system locale and select Saudi Arabia - Arabic. this will let you view your visa in the correct language. Also do not worry about changing the language locale as this want alter your computer language. its safe.


    Syed Sameer Ahmed

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