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family visit visa

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i have been submitted a 'visit visa" application for my family on 22nd aug 2010. i have't recvd any positive reply yet. now i would like to know that,should i give another application? or should i wait ? i dont know what i should do. Our Co. PRO is saying that it will be ok within 2 weeks. this 2 weeks time he giving me since that date.sincerely i am seeking a kind help

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    Family visa

    posted by  Mohammed bahmed in Saudi Arabia forum 

    Please i have the same problem, can you tell me how did you solve???

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    Visit visa for parents

    posted by  Mohammed Khaled in Saudi Arabia forum 

    Assalam alaikum,

    Did anyone applied for visit visa in these days. I heard that ministry stopped giving visit visa's starting from 1st shaban.

    Thanks for your reply in advance.

    Best regards,
    Mohammed Khaled.

  • Shafeeq Malik

    Visit visa

    posted by  Shafeeq Malik in Saudi Arabia forum 

    Dear All reply me
    I got a visit visa for 90 days
    How much time for stamping visa in our country
    I alsoo got visa 50 days before
    Can it expire or remain
    If remain how much days we have???

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    Iqama is expiring on 05th may

    posted by  Mubarak Mubarak in Saudi Arabia forum 

    Assalamu Alaikum,

    Can anyone suggest that "my iqama is expiring on may 5th and It would be renewed from company side. My concern is that now i am going to apply visit for father in law n mother in law. Is there any constraint that iqama validity???

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    Visa stamping-please advise

    posted by  Naushad Pv in Saudi Arabia forum 

    Dear all....assalamualikum
    I got visit visa for my father in law and mother in law.Father in law is in Abudhabi so i applied stamping option in abudhabi and mother in law is in india so stamping option in Mumbai in same application.i got visa as per my request same visa number for both .so please advise , is there any issues for stamping because of this diffrent place.

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    Can anyone clarify

    posted by  Mubarak Mubarak in Saudi Arabia forum 

    Again second time (for father in law, mother in law and sister in law) ; i get status تعتذر الوزارة عن تحقيق الطلب within 1 week from coc..

    What is the reason of this rejection, it's not direct rejection message. I have iqama validity almost close to 3 that reason or applied for sister in law??

    Please clarify.

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    Family visit visa

    posted by  Abdulla Nizamudeen in Saudi Arabia forum 

    please can you translate it to English and how can solve it كتابة اسم المطلوب للزيارة كامل باللغة الانجليزية

  • Mohammad Fazlul Chowdhury

    Family visit visa

    posted by  Mohammad Fazlul Chowdhury in Saudi Arabia forum 

    I got following information in net search. Please reply if following information is updated or any changes?

    This article deals with the validity of visit visas, Validity before and after stamping and validity after travel and the extensions allowed.
    Validity Before stamping
    Once a visit visa is issued you can get it stamped within 6 months from date of issue,
    Validity after stamping before travel
    Visit visa is usually valid for travel for 3 months after stamping, Once Stamped the visitor must travel within 3 months.
    Validity and extensions after travelling
    And regarding the validity of visa and extension of stay in Saudi Arabia, it depends on the first validity that you get when the visa is stamped.
    Case 1
    If you get a visit visa stamped with 30 days, then it can be extended 6 more times after arrival in Saudi Arabia, that is you will get a total of 7 months in the Kingdom
    Case 2
    And if the visit visa is stamped 90 days at first time it can be renewed 2 more times, that is the visitor will get a total of 9 months (270 days).

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    posted by  Mubarak Mubarak in Saudi Arabia forum 

    I applied from dammam jubail region on just 2weeks before and i did coc just 3days before. I applied for wife's sister also..rejected due to tat reason?

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    posted by  kareemulla k in Saudi Arabia forum 

    The ministry apologizes for achieving demand.
    when you applied & where.

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