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family visit visa

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i have been submitted a 'visit visa" application for my family on 22nd aug 2010. i have't recvd any positive reply yet. now i would like to know that,should i give another application? or should i wait ? i dont know what i should do. Our Co. PRO is saying that it will be ok within 2 weeks. this 2 weeks time he giving me since that date.sincerely i am seeking a kind help

  • Baba Khan

    Peace and Blessings Of Allah Be Upon All

    posted by  Baba Khan in Saudi Arabia forum 

    Wa AleKom As Salam MI SADIQ, Yes as from now they have implemented the same law which had been imposed in the central riyadh region , all you have to do is ,fill a new application online on the MOFA website, and just wait for the result , you do not need to approach MOFA unless told or shown on the status of your application , for now i have checked your Iqama & File Number, it hasent been deposited in the MOFA, so i would advice you to re-apply once again & wait for the good news InshaAllaah!


  • S K

    family visit visa

    posted by  S K in Saudi Arabia forum 

    salam brthr,
    should i fill a new application or they(MOFA) will considr my prev application.cud u pls giv a reply. brthr my prv appliction is still held in que. pls advise me for a sound result please.

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    thanks BABA Khan

    posted by  M I Sadiq in Saudi Arabia forum 

    Thanks you very much for reply.

  • Permanent Family Visa

    posted by Deleted user in Saudi Arabia forum 

    Salam Walaikum
    I just want to know that am i eligible to get a permanent family visa or not???
    My Iqama # 2220504977
    Profession in Work Permit : Crane Operator(Mashagal Al Rafia)
    I am a Project Manager in my company, and my company is ready to support with what ever documents required but there is not knowledgable GRO (Mamdup) in my company.

    Jazak Allah Khair

  • S K

    family visit visa

    posted by  S K in Saudi Arabia forum 

    salam brthr,
    still i am waiting for your reply. baba now labr catgory expatriate can apply for family visit visa?. still my old applctn is held in que.baba without your permission i have send a mail to your id.baba pls help me

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    posted by  mir ali in Saudi Arabia forum 

  • Saad Absar


    posted by  Saad Absar in Saudi Arabia forum 

    my friend needs to get Family Visa for his wife.

    he is a student in university here in riyadh

    please help him.


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