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family visit visa

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i have been submitted a 'visit visa" application for my family on 22nd aug 2010. i have't recvd any positive reply yet. now i would like to know that,should i give another application? or should i wait ? i dont know what i should do. Our Co. PRO is saying that it will be ok within 2 weeks. this 2 weeks time he giving me since that date.sincerely i am seeking a kind help

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    posted by  mohammed Noufal in Saudi Arabia forum 

    u should fill the visitor name in english (as per passport).. this application is rejected

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    Please suggest whether rejected or not.

    posted by  sameer shaik in Saudi Arabia forum 

    dear can any one tell me plesae is this application accepted or rejected 'اعتذار كتابة اسم المطلوب للزيارة باللغة الانجليزية' Written apology required to visit the English language name, thanks

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    Visit visa validity

    posted by  Muhammad Muhammad in Saudi Arabia forum 

    Dear Admin/Everyone,
    I would like to know what is the validity of visit visa already issued but not stamped in India.

    I already got visit visa for my mother but not stamped since 6 months or less.


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    Dear M u

    posted by  Fahad Mukhtar Iraqi in Saudi Arabia forum 

    Yes they are right that it may take the mentioned dates what they have told you but in my case I submitted in normal package and it was done with in a week and sms was sent to our mobile that kindly receive your passport well my visa was issued for Karachi and we take the service of etimaad which is in FTC Tower yet another most important thing is that don't make any mistake while filling the form may be it will rejected and you have to try again after some days of time.

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    Dear Fahad

    posted by  m u in Saudi Arabia forum 

    I called etimad yesterday and they told that in normal package it would take around 18-20 days. which etimad center did u apply in? your visa was to be stamped from Islamabad embassy or karachi consulate? normal or vip package?

  • Muhammad Imran

    @regarding etimad

    posted by  Muhammad Imran in Saudi Arabia forum 

    Assalam O Alaikum

    Yes.. i also have experience twice with etimad group.. they took 7 to 10 working days for stamping visa for my family and also for my parents visa.

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    Dear M u

    posted by  Fahad Mukhtar Iraqi in Saudi Arabia forum 

    I recently done my parents visa endorsement from Etimad and alhamduallah it was done 6 to 7 business days

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    Visa stamping from Pakistan

    posted by  m u in Saudi Arabia forum 

    Anyone having experience / idea that how many days Etimad Pakistan is taking nowadays to process the family visit visa ?

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    Delay in Family visit visa

    posted by  Hani Haider in Saudi Arabia forum 

    I applied for my wife visit visa on 30.11.2014, got it chambered the same day, now it has been 56 days and same text is appearing in my application "تم التصديق على الطلب: ( 8854028 ) بتاريخ 2014/11/30 (غرفة الشرقية)".
    there is no issue with my profession as I have invited my wife and daughter before and even my parents on visit. It has never taken this long. Getting really worried now.

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    Visit visa extention

    posted by  akbar ali in Saudi Arabia forum 

    Dear all,
    Any one can tell that is there any chance to extend visit visa after 6 month...

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