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family visit visa

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i have been submitted a 'visit visa" application for my family on 22nd aug 2010. i have't recvd any positive reply yet. now i would like to know that,should i give another application? or should i wait ? i dont know what i should do. Our Co. PRO is saying that it will be ok within 2 weeks. this 2 weeks time he giving me since that date.sincerely i am seeking a kind help

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    Any one can help?

    posted by  Abdulhaseeb Bhatti in Saudi Arabia forum 

    Its now 45 days, i have applied for visit visa of my parents, but still no response.

    fed up now !

  • Syed Zagham Jaffar

    family visiting visa problem ;

    posted by  Syed Zagham Jaffar in Saudi Arabia forum 

    I think you should wait, or go for an online complaint.


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    Family Visit Visa

    posted by  riaz jamal in Saudi Arabia forum 

    i applied visit visa on 16/06/2012,still now the status is the application form only.What my concern is i am planning go vacation on 5th,for submitting the documents the candidate need to be present here or the company repersentative can do the thinggs????
    plz replyy mee i am totally confused plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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    Family Visit Visa

    posted by  Abdul Rahman Abdul Khader in Saudi Arabia forum 

    I have applied for a visit visa but have only my iqama number. Is there a way to get the visa details only through iqama number?

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    family visit visa

    posted by  ibtesam riaz in Saudi Arabia forum 

    dear friends kindly let me know what to do for this problem i applied visa from the date of 09 jun 2012 and now still its not finished by the MOFA this message is appearing since many days الطلب تحت الاجراء بتاريخ - 25/06/2012 kindly can some one tell me how long it may take to issuing the visa ??? please reply me regards
    application number 4633059
    id no 2029179203

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    Family Visit Visa

    posted by  mohammed ashraf in Saudi Arabia forum 


    I am facing the same problem infect I applied on 28 may 2012 and they received my application on 17/06/2012 but until today they did not issued visa. Can you please give some information that normally how long Mofa take to issue the visa

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    family visit visa

    posted by  S K in Saudi Arabia forum 

    is it mandatory to get COC in three working days after submission of application on mofa website????

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