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how is the life in dammam saudia as im not a muslim

ejs 445

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hey friends currently i am working in UAE & our company is going to open a branch in Dammam, may be i can go there as a sales incharge but making my mind first, because i heard a lot that saudi is not a liberal country & can be difficult for non-muslims.
How is living there?
With family.
& sources of entertainment
plz reply

  • munir ehsan

     munir ehsan
    Posted in Saudi Arabia forum

    hi dear brother no its not like that the mutawwas will come to u , any time and start asking u or not even local saudiz can do that its not like that
    or they will force u or beat they r not allowed to do that
    if some 1 come to at the time of salaa only ok
    u can tell that im not Muslim if some 1 come to u
    and thats it
    but all the other wht u heard nop never like that
    unless u do some thing illegal
    like no alcohol no night clubs and things like that
    but if u r living in compound for sure u can get some freedom
    and as Avinash say that, if this place is only for Pakistan then wht hell he is doing here he should get out from ksa
    people like him dont want other to get benefit not even there home land brother
    and remember this post from today he make joks about the people who died
    he will feel the pain when 1 of his closest famliy member will die in an accident
    then ask ur self who it feel to make joks for other

    and yes as i told u that all over world u will find good guys and bad guys
    so give respect and take respect
    same as UAE nationals
    its better for u learn Arabic coz as u say that ur in sales but most of the people can community in english also
    thank care

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     sami ali
    Posted in Saudi Arabia forum

    First welcome you in Saudi Arabia, both to visit or Business
    Second, Saudi Arabia is open to anyone who wants to invest and there is no difference in religion.
    Living in Saudi Arabia you can easily live. The entertainment is not like Dubai, but you can travel the country close to if you want any information please send an email.

    thank you.

  • uk mitra

     uk mitra
    Posted in Saudi Arabia forum

    Well, most Learned Saudi speaks fluent English. Many westerns don't know Arabic and have been here since centuries, so nothing hard and fast on knowing Arabic.
    But if you know Arabic, especially since you are in sales, Arabic language will add feathers to your career. Take it from me. I have been here since last 1.4 years and this is something that is etching me so much. Do some basic Arabic class in UAE, before plunging.

    Some Saudi's are known to look down on other nationalities, but depends on which categories of group you will interact. The new younger learned generation are different and with whom I have interacted, its a good sign for Saudi's and its country as they are not only hardworking but also respect other nationalities.

    For all government offices, you will have little access as they prefer only Saudi's for all their dealing and only Arabic as their official language. You will find that all business office here will have a Department in their office called "Government Relations". You will also have to have one. That will make your life easy.

    I have a had a smooth interaction with Young Saudi's, and I hope you will too. To generalize, on some miscreants and brand all Saudi brother is not something I would suggest. You will have your own experience. Infact, everyone has its own experience.

    All the best.

  • ejs 445

     ejs 445
    Posted in Saudi Arabia forum

    you are making easier to take decision to come saudia with your just kiddings, thanks bro. Is arabic must or we can comunicate in english as not required in UAE & i didnt try.
    What about the young generation of saudis, here UAE locals whom i knows not showing much atttitude of there status in general or buisness talks they are helpful.

  • ejs 445

     ejs 445
    Posted in Saudi Arabia forum

    dear avinash,

    but is salaa (is nammaz?) mutawwa can force beat or disrespect you if you refuse, even after knowing your religion, i dont want to question or be personal, but want to make clear is you have saw something like with your eyes i mean its relly hard to believe.

  • ejs 445

     ejs 445
    Posted in Saudi Arabia forum

    Hi munir,
    i have also that belief that religion starts from heart as all our prophets said, we are dividing ourselves by our own, we all are the childs of nature & only one holy spirt but named diffrentely. I do respect every religion & religious values.
    regrding living in saudia i have just one confusion that most peoples are saying that mutawwas can come & question, force you any time without knowing you & your views even you are not at the fault & you cant arguee with them only you have to take patience every time even they disrespect you. & same can be done by any local saudi as most of them not respecting any nationality even not UAE locals.
    But is the true i want to hear from people like from people living there.
    Plz make clear if i have understood something wrong.

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     Avinash J
    Posted in Saudi Arabia forum

    Dear Brother,

    I can understand what u mean between the lines.... as far as KSA is concerned I dont think it is liberal u can see muthava around who will force u to do salaa or else will be beaten up and u can see some body who will always trying to covert u.

    I think don’t leave UAE, according to me KSA is only for Pakistani’s who can't exercise their religious formalities due to fear of Friday bombing / firing in the mosques.

    As far as entertainment is concerned u can get all what is getting in UAE but under the table so that means u have to pay a little higher for that.

  • uk mitra

     uk mitra
    Posted in Saudi Arabia forum

    Hi Ejs, KSA is absoulty "Liberal" and much more.

    Ofcourse, as far as open culture is concerened, you will find a contrast to what you have been enjoying in UAE, as Saudi you know is the holy land and some restriction do exist. Knowing Arabic is great here and you can get along very well personally and professionally.

    Cost of living is less compared to UAE.

    If you have any opening in sales or other discipline and need any help, put an e-mail to me and I will be happy to help. I am a recruitment specialiast for a manpower company. ha ha ha... just kidding....


  • munir ehsan

     munir ehsan
    Posted in Saudi Arabia forum

    hi dear brother
    1st of all that the religion start from our own heart and respect the others and u will get respected also that is all
    but as u say that ur a non Muslim and u will face problem here i dont think so coz all ready
    in ksa lot of non Muslim r working here
    living is very good
    with family
    sources of entertainment
    for sure not like uae
    but still u can enjoy like, parks malls fun land and many more
    no 1 will say u that ur a non Muslim
    1 thing u must nw that all over the world u will find good guys and bad guys
    and as money saving point ksa is very good
    i m sure u will enjoy ur stay in ksa
    take care

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