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new iqama checking

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when anybody came to ksa,company take his passport & submit his case to saudi goverment for his iqama.can any body check online about his iqama status ( make or not) through passport no/medical card no.
reply please.

  • abu nasser

     abu nasser
    Posted in Saudi Arabia forum

    🔴 if you Having problems in issuing residency ( issuing iqama ) or transfer Sponsor or Change of profession or any problems that you have in Foreigners Affairs of saudi arabia and with any regard of government problems related, we can help you out in Saudi Arabia With our interest in fast delivery and Speed in achievement, Just give us a call .

    To contact / 00966548204425

    🔴 تخليص معاملات الجوازات في اسرع وقت وبأي كميات من نقل كفاله وتعديل مهن وغيرها .

    - يمكننا تخليص جميع معاملات الجوازات السعودية من نقل كفاله وتعديل مهن وغيرها بما يتعلق بأي مشاكل متعلقة في شؤون الأجانب مع ضمان سرعة انجاز الاعمال بأسرع وقت ممكن وبأي كميات نستقبلها سواء كانت من جهة ( أفراد أو مؤسسات أو شركات ) .

    للتواصل / 00966548204425

  • Tayab molla

     Tayab molla
    Posted in Saudi Arabia forum

    new Iqama chaking

  • Tayab molla

     Tayab molla
    Posted in Saudi Arabia forum

    new Iqama cheking

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     Muhaad Tp
    Posted in Saudi Arabia forum

    pls chack this!ut/p/b1/rZLRboIwGIWfxQcw_a














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     Muhaad Tp
    Posted in Saudi Arabia forum

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     MuhammedSamar Ishfaq
    Posted in Saudi Arabia forum

    Sir i want get some information about my red iqama. i come form Pakistan some day ago my red iqama can make.i can transfer my iqama without Kafeel transfer latter. plzzzz any body told me i am very upset due to my iqama. Because i was buy this visa 600000 lak i have no chose. because i am very poor. and can not go back without some do plz help me. if some one contact with me so you can call me on this number please and told me how i talk iqama illegal and legal please.

    0567041458 plz

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     Ameer Ameer
    Posted in Saudi Arabia forum

    please can anybody help me finding out if my iqama is already renewed or not yet.

  • Muhammad Waqas

     Muhammad Waqas
    Posted in Saudi Arabia forum

    Who said that there is no way? Yes dear you can check that with ur Kafeel Id number from here

    Select Arabic
    Then E service
    Then Select Passport from Right side
    Then Select Labour Import List
    Give your Kafeel Id and Search

    if its say (You do not have any sponsored persons within the Kingdom who have not been issued an Iqama yet ) its mean your iqama has been issued other wise it will show ur information

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     muhaemin thohir
    Posted in Saudi Arabia forum

    dear you good openion for this cases who mean must pay sr 5000 kafeel or employee ? dear forum pls help me how to find deman letter from saudi to supply any construction from indonesia, pls give information because any agency in saudi only housemaid thay job. but to find skill job like contruction very dificulties, pls give me solusion with this forum

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