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validity of visit visa issued by MOFA

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I applied for my parents visit visa and it was approved on 8th June 2011 for one month.what isthe validity of visa issued by MOFA. Because my requirement of parents here at saudi arabia at Nov 2011.Can anyone pl reply immediatly what is the validity of Visa.with this visa when they can go for stamping at India on October or not?Pl reply ASAP
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    it depending your requested

    posted by  muhaemin thohir in Saudi Arabia forum 

    in usually visa issud from the Emassy Saudi it depending what you want, for visit visa it only 30 days and visa travel only 30 days, visa working until 90 days, to find until 90 very dificulties because govermant saudi afraid visa will be incorrect use in them country this is my knowligde with the visa issud, find visa 90 only haji and working not other


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    Visit Visa Inquiry

    posted by  Jehangir Iqbal in Saudi Arabia forum 

    Hello Friends,

    My profession is labor on eqama and I need to call my mom on visit visa.
    Is it allowed and what are requirement about it.


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    visit visa

    posted by  pradeep kumar in Saudi Arabia forum 

    thanks for your info.But when i asked consultants at India they told stamping on passport can be done with in 3 months and after stamping in passport they should travel within 30 days it was confusing me!

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    posted by  amin abdulgani in Saudi Arabia forum 


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    visit visa

    posted by  pradeep kumar in Saudi Arabia forum 

    Thanks for your valuable info

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    visit visa

    posted by  pradeep kumar in Saudi Arabia forum 

    yes it may be correct when i enquired at some consultancies in India some of them told after stamping in passport ,they have to travel within 3months and most of them told within in one gives me lot of confusion.Is there any difference in travelling period for new delhi stamping and mumbai stamping

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    is that rule informed by abdulgani valid now

    posted by  Mohammed Siddiqui in Saudi Arabia forum 

    Even my travel agent in mumbai told the same but still want to know from anyone about it 3 months validity of visit visa before stamping and 1 month after stamping . We dont know when this saudis change rules anytime

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    3 months before stamping + 1 month after stamping - Visit Visa Validity ??

    posted by  Cezair Khan in Saudi Arabia forum 

    Can someone PLEASE confirm this (based on authentic reference or personal experience) ?? If i issue a visit visa for my parents in India....its has to be stamped within 3 months.. and once stamped visitors has to travel within 1 month ???? And if that's the case then can what if at the day of applying my sponsor is XYZ company but after 3 months when the visa is submitted in Saudi Embassy in India, my sponsor is ABC company on my Iqama ??

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    posted by  atif mola in Saudi Arabia forum 

    is the visa stamped
    if yes u have 30 days to get to saudi arabia
    and dont worry there is no problem as long as the iqama is valid and u have it at airport.

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    Validity of Stamping the visa

    posted by  Qaisar Javaid in Saudi Arabia forum 

    I got the visit visa of my mother last week. Can anybody tell me what is the validity (time period) of it to stamp from Islamabad embassy. Or what are the maximum no. of days it is necessary to stamp before its validity expire.

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