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visit visa problem

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Asslamualaykum to all.....

I am filipino, and i want to ask regarding my problem hope you can answer me asap....

I am a Cad operator, working at binladin company. last feb. 02 2011, i went to foreign affair here in jeddah to apply for visit visa for my wife, but one of the officer told me to go to istiqdam. and when i was there they told me that 'HADDAD' or steelfixer were not allowed to get visit visa.. anyone can help me how i can take my wife... i am planning to apply in ryadh or khobar since i am reject here... is it possible????? hope someone can help me about this problem... May Allah bless us All...

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    visit visa

    posted by  faisal aslam in Saudi Arabia forum 

    thats so mch encouraging...

  • Nasir Muhammad

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    Dear ,
    if you know arabic typing then go to this website and fill the form

    if you want my help i can provide you more detail,
    just drop me email at [...]

    i will fill form for you.

    Nasir Ali Mirza

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    as soon when you got the letter permission of your sponsor, even a streetcleaner can get visit visa, just try to go back to Istiqdam/Jeddah again, I know they are stubborn people, but keep trying thats the right place

    may alla help u out

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