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Hello there.

I have got a job with MNC in Dammam , KSA... i am planning to fly next month for joining.. i am sure some of my queries regarding the place shall be answered for enabling me to take my decision...

1> How Safe is the city ( DAMMAM ).. I have heard people called Muttawas might come to you apartment anytime & ask you uncorfortable questions & force to offer prayer ...

2> How is the general attitute of the Saudi Nations towards Indians...In any way are expatriates ( Non Muslims ) ill treated in anyway..

3> I have a Job offer of 12000 SR in hand..What could be my saving considering all expenses ( House, Food , Travel , Shopping etc).I am person with no bad habits .... This is for bachelor staying in dammam..

4> are mess facilities avaliable there for breakfast , & dinner...

5> Is it advisable to bring family along right away or after some time of settlement there..

I know its a long post , but based on your valuable inputs i shall decide to come there..

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    Hello !!! i got a job in Dammam with an offer of 2000 SAR in which accomdation & food expenses are free. is it fine? can i save any atleast?
    kindly give some information who were staying there?

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    Hi Rahul,

    I am here for last 4yrs. but just now considering the risk i am planing to bring my family as my kid is growing big & should be controlled.

    In the very begining I advised u to take the decesion on your own .but to give u a fair idea

    From my point of view.

    first without u it is very difficult & not safe (as we heard many bad news of kidnapping & raping, if these saudis find lonely lady.) for your family to move around as freely as in india. not in grocery shop nor hospitals.

    Secondly family members have to just sit in their own flats including children as there is no chance for mingling around here , giving rise to tensions in family.

    And what i Think there is very less Exposure for our children as there is no any social life . father mother & kids.

    In case of expences it is not a big issue you can stay in a shared accomodation with hardly you can say aprox.1000 SR (including your food expences )

    & with family aprox.4500 SR(including your accomodation,kids education, food expences etc. )

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    Hi Sachin,

    yes, i am a maharashtrian & i beleive so are you...
    Namaskar to you...

    I went through the reply you have given. Thanks for the same.this instills some confidence in myself.

    one thing i didnt understand,,what is the risk you mentioned if one moves with family there..can you please elaborate....

    also what are average expenses in dammam for bachelor..

    pleasse revert,,,

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    I Think U R a Maharashtrian.
    What you have heard is beliveable 10%,
    So be brave & join BINDAS.

    In case of saving in Gulf-- Saudi arabia is the place where u save compared to other provinces. so again be bindas.

    Food is no problem if you love non -veg then there are many new dishes wating for u

    In case of your Family you join & u personally take the decesion as there is a bit risk eventhou many of our NON MUSLIM families are staying here.

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