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Taking a 2 years Job in Dammam

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Hello friends, I'm a Chartered Accountant from Chennai, India..I'm joining a Saudi Company in Dammam... Need help with basics... Single Accomodation (Shared and Alone) and Vegetarian Food... Can anyone suggest how to start looking for it ?

  • Dave Shyam

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    Thnks for the link :)

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    Hi Dave,

    posted by  sachin sarnaik in Dammam forum 

    Pls, check on the attached link & u will get a day to day update for ur requirement .

    Secondly If u r good at cooking than food is not a big issue as u get all type of vegetables.

  • Sanjay Sethu

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    there is no much trouble on it. you can easily find a sharing or own accommodation in dammam. and food, that will be trouble as there is no pure vegetarian restaurants or pure vegies living here :P if you come with in couple of weeks, you can find something your own and let me know when you comes here, will try to help you.

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