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I want to learn spanish

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Hi everyone!
I live in Jeddah, KSA and I want to learn spanish (the one that people speak in spain). Is there any excellent teacher in jeddah that teaches spanish? Is there any suggested website that can help me?

Thank you

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    Hi Guys ,

    well i am living in Jeddah since 4 years , i am an arabic native and fluent english ... interesting to start learning spanich ... if there is any one interested will be great to exchange langagues ... i could do exchange for arabic or english ...

    please serious people ....

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    I can teach you Spanish,is my native language and i am a Muslim woman,but can be just online for now,because i am not living there.My best regards for you!

  • Rafael GA

    Spanish Classes

    posted by  Rafael GA in Jeddah forum 

    Hello F.E.A.
    I can teach you Spanish... but as i don´t know if it´s possible me being man and you being woman...
    I sent a messages few weeks ago....
    Tell me if you´re interested, then we can schedule some classes after my work.

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  • Rafael GA

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    i´ve landed in jeddah 3 weeks ago.
    I´m venezuelan/spaniard architect.
    I think that as a professional, either my accent and my language skills are good for teaching.... I´d like to learn arabic...
    I´m living in hotel but hope to find soon somewhere to live.
    If you want to get in touch tell me something. so we can start inmediatly.

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    Hi, i'm about to take a job in Jeddah, and i'll be there at the end of this year.
    I'm from Argentina, so Spanish is my native language, if you are interested, we can interchange knowledge, it would be useful for me to learn some arabic.

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    Thank u for ur reply!
    But please can u clarify something?
    Whats the point of calling u if u don't know anything :D ?
    Lets just stick to for communication!

    Thanks again :)

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    i dont no but i want try to help u. send to me. i suggested to call me any time 0551368504.

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