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Issuing final exit for family while they are outside kingdom on exit re-entry

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Has anyone go thru the process of final exit for dependents in case they are already outside kingdom on exit reentry visa which is still valid. Actually, our company is no more on paper/its already run away case. Now the embassies of each nationalities are dealing for final exit/transfer cases.

I have also an application for going exit. But before that I was thinking I will make exit visa for my family myself but when I tried to cancel their visa on Absher, the systes shows the error and says: alien is outside kingdom.

If someone did this process ever, or has any info, please share.

I tried to google this query, it creates a confusion as some says when they issue me exit visa, the dependents will be already have exit. and some says, they need to come back and then make exit.

Thanks for you support.


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