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Money transfers

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I just accepted a job but they won't direct deposit to my foreign account. They don't do that for anyone. They issue work visit visas. They issue a monthly check. I've spoken to other teachers there and there's no problem cashing these checks. How can I get my salary into my home bank account, as I have ongoing bills to pay there?

Thanks for your help.

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    Hi John,

    It won't make any issue for you, you can take the check written in your name to the Bank and showing them your Passport as proof of your identification and withdraw your cash.

    Later you can go the Speed cash section of Rajhi Bank or other Money transferring Banks and transfer your cash to your home country Bank account, you can also enquire from same bank from where you encashed your check may do transfer it to your account.
    Hope this will help you out.
    Cher's :)

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