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Hi everyone!

I am from the UK but was raised in Jeddah and class Jeddah as 'home'. I only recently moved back to the UK to complete my degree in Business. I plan to return to Jeddah in the future and open a nursery/childcare facilities. As an assignment for university I have to gather market research on my business idea however the information I gather will be useful in the future if I do decide to go ahead with my plans to return to Jeddah. If you could give me a few minutes of your time to fill out a survey on what would you expect from a nursery in Jeddah, I would be very grateful. My target audience is parents or family members of children under the age of 6 however if you are not a parent/family member of a child under the age of 6 and still want to take part in the survey, please feel free to as any feedback is useful. Thank you for your time!

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To access to my survey, please click on the link bellow.

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    I really like the plan of nursery business and i used to be in one when i used to be in 4 years till 5 ...
    The most important here in Saudi is trust either way you will get pressure of the families .
    and i would like to help . if you need more experience about the families here

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    i am hazniya , a sri lankan female who lives in Jeddah with the family , and currently i am working as a home teacher in KG section , i like to join you as a working partner if you have a idea to open a nursery. as i know much better to handle children.also i have done a business Management Degree in Sri Lanka, but unfortunately i couldn't complete the Degree as i got married. so if you are in Jeddah now and like me to join pls contact :

    gmail id : trahaz786


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